Right on time

It was the last couple of weeks at school before Summer break- a busy morning, packing snacks, filling hot water in the bottles, placing the Chromebook in my son’s backpack and getting my daughter’s lunch ready for her school day. The kids waved their bye-byes as they headed out the door to school.

The house returned to a state of quiet. After the kids head out to school, I usually clear up the kitchen and pick up my Bible and diary for my quiet time. But that day, Jeev said he’ll have some fruits and carrots for breakfast. So, I didn’t go into the kitchen after my kids left for school.

At about 11:40 am, I walked into the kitchen to start cooking lunch for the day. That’s when I realized that my daughter’s lunch bag was still sitting on my kitchen counter. I had forgotten to put it inside her backpack.

The speed with which I grabbed her lunch bag would have made you think that I was probably a superwoman out of a marvel movie! All I remember was that I grabbed the lunch bag and the car keys. Off I drove to her school. All along the way, I kept praying that I don’t reach school past her lunchtime.

My clothes were dirty and my hair was a mess. To top it off, I had dosa maavu and paruppu stains on my clothes. I couldn’t care less!!! All I cared was to get Jiana’s lunch on time!! Nothing else was on my mind. I parked the car, grabbed her lunch and RAN to the office.

My first question to the office admin was, “What time is lunch for Kindergarten?” The lady at the office patiently responded with a smile, “Lunch for Kindergarten, is at 12:00 noon, and it’s 11:54 now. “

The next little incident happened while we were in Chennai for the Summer. Jeev wanted to visit Higgin Bothoms to buy some books for his personal study. So off we went.

We picked up some books for the kids, but Jeev couldn’t find what he was looking for. After about an hour, we decided to head back home for lunch, so we took an auto back home.

On the way, the auto driver drove by Pudupet area and pulled up the auto to the side of the street, while calling out to someone. A young boy came running from a small auto spare-parts shop. The auto driver quickly handed out a 100 rupee note to the young boy and quickly took off.

On the way home, the driver struck a conversation with Jeev. He said, the boy to whom he handed out the 100 rupee note was his son and that he usually gives him that money in the afternoons, to make SURE he eats something.

(The heat is terrible and the young boy’s work demands that he stand and work several hours in the scorching, blazing heat!!)

Isn’t it a wonder that no matter where one is from, the tender care of a father and a mother, is universal??

Whether it is a home-maker in the farthest end of the globe, or an auto-rickshaw driver who must drive miles and miles to make ends meet…. every single one of us do our BEST to watch out for our children. Don’t we?

Evil and sinful as we are, do all we can in our limited capacity to make sure we provide what is needed for our children without them even asking for it. How so surely will God, our good heavenly father provide for our needs at the perfect time!! He’s a good good Father. We can rest our Hope FULLY on His goodness in the days to come!

“..your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matthew 6:8

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

Blessed day ahead!


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