Captured Moments

Jaden had his piano recital yesterday and as always, my husband and I took the last row! I have no idea why we opt for the last row, but almost always we do.

The recital started and Jaden was third to go on stage. He did a brilliant job, and we couldn’t be more grateful to God for bringing us THIS far! The miracles can’t be numbered. Indeed, we give God the praise from whom all blessings flow.

One thing captured my attention though. I’ll get to it in a moment.

Last year when we went to India, one of our favorite past time was to look at old pictures. Pictures with friends, family and cousins. Every picture brought back with it a memory. Pictures have an incredible capacity to take us back in time instantly! We can remember the exact time, the conversations that happened around the time that picture was taken, the back-end story of the picture and the like. It’s just amazing what a single picture can do!

These days it’s one step more than just pictures. These days, it is videos. Every one of us can relate to that, right? 🙂

In the recital room, there was NOT a single mom or dad, who didn’t capture their little ones playing their respective instruments, on stage. Every single one of them took out their phones, and with such glee on their faces, recorded the little fingers that hit those keys to the best of their ability. Every child who played, did get stuck up a bit here and there and struck the wrong key sometimes. But that didn’t matter to Moms and Dads. They knew the hours and hours of practice that had gone behind the scenes and most of all, they knew THEIR LITTLE ONE WAS GIVING OUT THEIR ABSOLUTE BEST. That’s all that mattered to us.

Do you know where we got this from? Meaning… where exactly did we inherit this habit of capturing those precious moments of our children?

I think it’s from GOD himself!!

Did you know that the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) is a snapshot/video footage of God capturing important moments that touched his heart, in the lives of his children???

Whether it was Abraham who almost did the unthinkable on the Mount of Moriah (when he lifted up the knife), or Joseph who stuck to his integrity although he was a slave ( when he ran away leaving his outer garment behind) , or Job who trusted Gods goodness in the midst of the fiercest of storms ( who said, “will we only accept good from God and not evil”) , or Esther who put her life on the line for the sake of her people (who stepped into the palace courts on the 3rd day not knowing if she would live or die), or Paul who was willing to go to any length to see at least a few souls saved, or Peter who wept secretly with remorse after he betrayed the Lord. EACH OF THESE MOMENTS were especially special to our Heavenly Father, that he just CAPTURED them for generations to read!!!

And in capturing those moments, JESUS reveals his heart to us.

In all the above examples, although it may seem like it was just the moment that mattered, what is not mentioned in detail is the years and years of training and walk with God each of these men and women of God had, which brought them to such a place where their faith was on full display for God their heavenly father to “capture the moment.”

They had come to such maturity in faith where they knew even though what occurred to them may seem evil, they still saw the goodness of God’s nail-pierced hands behind it all. And to God our father, that’s the moment worth capturing in each and every one of our lives as well: When we sing through our tears, when we lift high the name of JESUS, in the midst of shame, when we trust in him when our tomorrows seem bleak… each one of those moments are worth capturing to our heavenly father. And you know what? Here’s the good news. He turned each and every one of their sorrows into songs of joy in his perfect time.

We may not have a perfect life,

nor be a perfect person…

But we have a perfect God,

who perfects all things in his wondrous ways!

Blessed week ahead!


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