Cast your cares upon Jesus

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 “We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.” Psalm 100:3 Cast your cares upon Jesus, Because He cares for you, He will lead and guide with his eyes upon you, And bring you to waters still….

Small things, Big impact!

I got my home studio back in 2013 when I came out with my first music album “Kanden”. After releasing “Kanden”, I did a couple of more songs, all with the help of my home studio. And then, for a few years it lay dormant. One day I went to my studio to record a…

King of all the Earth!

When the nations are in turmoil seeking desperately for a ruler who will reign over them in righteousness, our Hope is anchored steadfastly on our soon-returning King, Christ Jesus the Nazarene. He was and is and is to come – King of all the Earth. A song from the Psalm of the sons of Korah….

The God who sees Faces

Many years ago, on an occasion when we had a gathering of friends from church, a dear friend of mine walked to me and asked me, why my face was sullen. I was taken aback that she saw through my ‘mask’. Of course, I denied to her that I was desperately broken on the inside….

U.S Midterms

Like most of you, I’ve been pretty stressed out about the global situations that is on-going in the world today. Not that I had no personal things to be praying about…but the current events of the World in general, was wearing me down! While prayer is the greatest gift that one can give to the…

Right on time

It was the last couple of weeks at school before Summer break- a busy morning, packing snacks, filling hot water in the bottles, placing the Chromebook in my son’s backpack and getting my daughter’s lunch ready for her school day. The kids waved their bye-byes as they headed out the door to school. The house…

Church Arise!

Our church celebrated its 100th anniversary last weekend. Over the last couple of services, we had been recollecting all what God has done in the past through our church, and we were exhorted by our leaders to believe that our BEST DAYS are not behind us, but are yet ahead of us! The faithful ministry…