The Power of Decisions!

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Demonetisation: a Christian perspective

Demonetisation: a Christian Perspective

On the evening of Nov 8th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes- India’s two big currency denominations that account for 86% of the money in circulation by value- invalid from midnight that day.

This move by the BJP government to demonetize the Indian economy, to ‘force’ the society towards becoming a ‘cashless society’, is just a pre-cursor to what’s coming ahead.

The Indian economy primarily consists of the poor and the middle-class citizens, whose day to day businesses and transactions are carried out by cash. More than 70 percent of them do not come under the financial system. This move by the government in the name of ‘eradicating black money’ is targeted not toward the rich, but toward the poor, to bring the multitude of the citizens of the nation under the financial system.

If you are a Christian, I highly urge you to dig deeper into such major ‘economic’ issues. And..please.. don’t be the simpleton, who would buy the ‘black money eradication effort’ excuse. This is clearly not about black money, but about bringing every citizen, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave under the financial system.

Also the reason why enough 2000 rupee notes are not printed, is to push all businesses small and great to make electronic transactions rather than cash transactions. Two days ago, it was said in the news that the PETTY shop guy was accepting debit/credit cards even for a 10 Rupee transaction. Clearly this will push the small businesses to equip themselves with the debit/credit card readers, rather than make cash transactions.

Some may argue that all the developed economies of the world are cashless societies. My point is not the good or the ugly side of it. My argument is the ‘Why’ part. Have you wondered why all the economies of the world are speeding up towards being cashless societies? Well, if you are still wondering what the real motive is, behind all these carefully planned out moves, the answer is simple. ‘Power and Control of the citizens of the country.’

Nandan Nilkeni, an Indian entrepreneur, bureaucrat and politician who was the chairman of the Unique Identification number Authority of India said, “bringing the entire Indian population under the financial system would have taken 6 years, but now it will just take 6 months, because of this move (demonetization) by the Indian government”.

Once all the economies of the world are made electronic and cashless, there is a greater degree of control over its citizens. Now, let’s read Revelation 13:15-17…

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,

so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Reve 13:15-17

The Bible says that, at the climax of History, one man will rise to be a world leader… and use ‘forceful’ control of the people. I used to wonder how that would be possible!!! But as years roll by it gets a little bit easier to understand how that could be possible. If one announcement from Modi could bring millions of people to the road for their basic survival needs such as food, shelter and commutation, then one announcement (such as, “you cannot operate your bank accounts if u do not take the micro-chip in your right hand or forehead”) from the World leader, could surely bring the lives of the citizens of every country small and great, down to its knees for basic needs.

Watch closely that Rev 13:16 says that people will be ‘forced’ to worship an image… and those who refuse will be killed. Clearly speaks of governmental control of the people. Similarly people will be ‘forced’ to take a mark, as a mark of reverence to the beast!!

There are several thousands of people protesting in the streets of India, and several farmers dying of heart attacks unable to bear the sorrow of losing all that they have saved up, overnight. But do you think the government cares about such voiceless citizens of the country????

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

No matter what comes upon the earth, or what takes place in the World, you and I have One King, His name: Jesus. Stand up and lift up your heads, with your eyes gazing into Heaven… beholding the glorious coming of our Lord and King Jesus. He is coming soon… Very soon!!! Oh what a Joy it will be to gaze upon his loving and gentle eyes!!!

Oh What a glorious day that would be, when my Jesus I shall see, When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His grace!!! When He takes me by the hand, into the promised land… what a day, glorious day that will be!!! – Jim Hill


Blessed day folks!!


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Don’t let your dreams die!!!

Don’t forget who your partner is. It is GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!

I have seen and heard from many Christians about the great things they wanted to do for God. But sadly, over time, the dream seems to just die away. No matter what the reason, there is simply no excuse for you to let your dream die.

We serve a God who is amazingly faithful and even more abundantly CREATIVE. And so, the moment we partner with this Amazing CREATOR, God plants seeds of CREATIVITY within us.

When a hen lays it’s egg, the mother hen incubates the egg for the next 21 days or so and then the egg is ready to hatch. When God plants a dream in your heart, the dream MUST be kept under the incubation of ‘Prayer’ before the dream is ready to spring forth!!! If the mother hen did not do its job of incubating it’s eggs, the eggs will just die. And that is true with your dreams as well. If the dream that God has planted in your heart is not kept under the incubation of ‘Prayer’, the dreams will eventually just die.

I heard a testimony of a young Evangelist who had big dreams to do mighty things for God, even as a child. He said, even when he was a child, there were many prophets who prophesied how greatly God had planned to use him. When he got excited and told his mother about God’s great plans for him, his mother replied, “Son, God has many amazing things in store for every child of His. But unless YOU bend your knees in prayer, it may not even come to pass”. That statement was a huge eye opener for me, personally.

There is much truth in that statement. God’s plans for us are simply AMAZING. But unless we are ready to partner with God, by travailing in Prayer, God’s plans for us may never even come to pass. Read Mr Jones in heaven here.

If you don’t have a dream, Pray and ask God to plant one. When God has planted the dream, pray and pray and pray. Even while you pray, work on it. I love this scripture which says, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23. And when the time comes for you to step in faith to act on it, You will just know it in your spirit. And BOOM. There it is…. All that you have been praying for…. and acting on, by Faith, suddenly has taken shape. Not because you were great….. but the ONE WITH WHOM YOU HAD PARTNERED, WAS GREAT AND ALMIGHTY!!!

Don’t let your dreams die!!! God Almighty is with you to bring it to pass!!!

Have a fantastic month ahead!!!

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Walmart Miracle!!

I love listening to testimonies. Testimonies speak to man, of the goodness of God, and that He is not man’s enemy, but a loving friend!!!

I heard a testimony a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to pen it down ever since, for you guys!!!

This testimony was narrated by Todd White, an evangelist who is crazy about Jesus. I use the word crazy… because He really is!!! Wherever He goes, He can’t help but share the love of Jesus with someone there!!! Be it the grocery store, gym, stuck in traffic… you name it… if there are people there… he can’t leave the place without sharing Jesus with them!!! Ha ha!!! This incident apparently happened at Walmart. He and his wife and his little daughter went to Walmart for regular grocery shopping one day!!! As He entered, alongside entered two men with a long hooded kind of a black robe!! Quite evidently he realized that they had something to do with the occult and satanic group. His wife goes… “Oh…oh!!!”… n’ Todd goes…. “Woahhh…..”!!!

Todd and his daughter follow them for a while… and finally they came to the personal care section to pick out some moisturiser or something!! Todd slowly approached them and introduced himself. With an angry look they didn’t want to have any conversation with him. Right at that moment, the Lord Jesus revealed (by word of knowledge) that one of the two guys had a severe pain in one of his feet due to a bone problem or something of that kind!! When Todd told him that, the guy was shocked to his bones. Todd pleaded that he pray for him. The guy firmly refused!!!

Didn’t I say that Todd was crazy for Jesus??? He wouldn’t let go. He pestered him soooo much that they guy finally gave in and said. “Ok, quick”!!! And the moment Todd prayed for his healing, the pain left his feet and he was totally healed!!! The guy was startled and said, “No way… way… no way!!!” Todd insisted, “Man… Jesus loves you so much… that He died for you, so that you may be healed.” The guy was dumbstruck and said that he was a satanic high priest of a very high ranking!!! Todd said… “But Jesus still loves you”!!!

I don’t know if the guy gave his life to Jesus right there… but it certainly was a seed that the Lord planted that he won’t forget for the rest of his life!!!

What amazed me in this story is the beauty of God’s love that went past the ‘outward actions’ and saw the ‘pain’ that this man was going through, and by His tender compassion, stretched out His loving hand and healed him. There are thousands of people in today’s world who are involved in occult and other witchcraft practices, because they don’t know better!!! They may outwardly be opposed to the kingdom of Light, but on the inside be yearning for true Love and acceptance!!! We, as the church, should never look down on them… or cast them away as sinners. While being cautious is wise, seeing them through God’s eyes, is love in action!!!

Pray… pray for your friends and neighbors and relatives who have’nt tasted the sweet love of Jesus, to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus, and their lives will never again, be the same!!!

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene,

And wonder How He could love me,

A sinner, condemned, unclean!!!

How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be,

How marvelous, how wonderful is my saviors love for me!!!

  • Charles Gabriel (1905)


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What on earth were you doing???

After a long time…. Got some time in my hands to pen down my thoughts about something that touched me deeply,. Here we go….

DGS Uncle is a man of God whom I greatly respect. This story was illustrated by his son, Dr Paul.

When DGS Uncle was working in the bank, a friend of his, invited him to stay in his home before a meeting. Uncle obliged. After uncle arrived at his place, they caught up with each other for a while and bid goodnight. The next day his friend was waiting and waiting for uncle to join them for breakfast… and then lunch… but every time he asked, he said that he was praying. Somewhat bewildered, when evening came they left for the meeting and all went well.

The next day, uncle’s friend jokingly asked him… “What on earth were you doing, praying the whole day..”!!! Uncle replied, “When I begin to pray, Jesus comes and I talk to him about people’s problems and he gives me counsel and wisdom for every question and problem. Time just flies… 24 hours seems not to be enough”!!! His friend joked and said, “Next time He comes, ask Him what He thinks about me”.

That evening when uncle sat for prayer the Lord Jesus came… and even before DGS uncle could tell the Lord anything, Jesus spoke about the friend. “Several years ago when he lived in misery, not having a single meal to eat, he would rise up early and seek Me saying, “Lord bless me with some job so that I can eat one meal today. And I would answer his prayer for that day. In the night, he would come and thank me for the meal and the job that I gave him. I enjoyed his time with me. I would wait for him everyday and delight to commune with him.”

“And then I blessed him with a job in a bank and raised him up to a great position. But these days I wait for him, but he never comes to me. In the mornings, he says, “Lord Jesus, you know I have much work to finish”, and when the nights come, I wait for him but He says, “Lord Jesus, you know I’m too tired to pray..” Go and tell him, I long to commune with him and I wait for him everyday” !!

When DGS uncle shared this with his friend, needless to say, the man was moved to tears!!!

Well… this story don’t need any explanation… and to a certain degree we all can identify ourselves with this story, I’m sure!!! As long as we are desperate, we run after God and seek Him much… but when life is comfortable and gets busy…. It’s the same excuse that we all give!!! But the Lord asks us all one question today…

“Couldn’t you watch with me even one hour? Matthew 26:40


Time spent with God is time gained… not time wasted!!! Blessed week ahead folks!!!


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A crucial topic…

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8

This blog post I’m attempting to write about ‘christian decision-making’. This is something that has been in my thoughts for a long long time and has wearied me much to see the kind of decision making that runs in the church, without proper discernment and rational judgment. I just wanted to share my heart on this subject and I trust the Spirit to bring it out with clarity.

Whenever a decision has to be made, the first thing that needs to be done, of course, as we all know is ‘get down on our knees’!!! Whenever we bring a matter before God, it is amazing how he leads us!!! I’ve seen that many times in my life!!!

We have heard several preachers preach it- that God leads us always by Peace. But somehow when it comes to making decisions, we kinda tend to over-ride that, I feel!!!

When God leads, there will be PEACE in all corners!!! If there isn’t peace or if there is strife, anger and resentment as a result of the decision being made, it most definitely is NOT from God. Isaiah 55:12 says, “You will go out in joy and be led forth with Peace”. And the Lord Jesus is the only source of that Joy and Peace.

When you are praying before making a decision, be absolutely open to the Holy Spirit. I mean, we’ve got to completely let go of our desires and be willing to accept His direction. And again,  have some trusted godly friends who can counsel you and help you discern wisely, in the right direction.

Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” 

Also Proverbs 24:6 says, “Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.”

I have read that some of the greatest men of God who were in the public lime light, had humble simple counselors, who sincerely prayed for them and counseled them in wisdom. Even King David had several counselors who feared the Lord, who helped the king, while they made their battle strategies and stuff!!!! So who are we to make important decisions by ourselves??? Nothing wrong with some extra consultation!!! Consultation….Not with people who confuse you a little more, but with wise, discerning people, who truly walk with God!!! 🙂

BE led by the Holy Spirit, DON’T ask the Holy Spirit to follow you, coz that will sure be a downhill journey.

Pray, pray and when you have some extra time, pray some more… !!! You can never pray too much!!! And when it comes to important life-changing decisions such as life-partner, career, children’s education, please add wisdom and rational judgement before making those decisions. This list is exhaustive and I’m NO, ‘know it all’!!! I have learnt several lessons the ‘Hard way’!!! And I just felt like sharing what I have learned, with you guys!!!

Lastly, when you truly trust the Lord, He always guides you and helps you to do the right thing.

And I can assure you that if you are sincere about seeking our dear Lord Jesus, HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU!!! No matter who you are, and How much you’ve messed up…. His love for you, is unending!!! Just reach out to Him…. and He will never let you go!!!

At Jiana’s dedication last Sunday, at our church!!! It was an Amazing service…!!! Thanks be to God!!!


Blessed week ahead guys!!!!

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My husband and his Phone!!!

Last week something happened. It was evening time around 6:00 pm and both my kids needed my attention. The older one wanted me to spend time with him… and my younger one was hungry. My mum and I were trying to juggle both at the same time and the house was chaotic!!!

My husband returned from work…. with the phone in his hand. As usual, kept his backpack on the staircase and walked to the kitchen to get a snack. He got back to the living room… and sat on the couch…. with the phone still in his hand. An hour went by…. the phone was still in his hand. Two hours went by … the phone was still in his hand….!!!! And finally after a series of incidents…. my anger shot up. I told him to put the phone down…. and that he was addicted to his phone!!! This was not the first time…. I have been annoyed with his phone for a long time. I even wanted to turn off the wifi in the house…. well…. nothing actually works… Jeev is still addicted to his phone!!!

But my point is not the ‘addiction’!!! It was the way He reacted when I told him that He was addicted to his phone!!! He was so annoyed, that he had a long face… for the whole next day!!! 😀 My point this blog post, is not a sermon on handling addictions, but about ‘handling confrontations’!!! How well do you handle it, when someone confronts the truth about you??!!!

However, when I read the Bible…. it is infact a book of confrontation!!! It points at your sin directly …. coz with God there is no beating around the bush!!! Right is Right… and Wrong is wrong!!! Period!!!

A couple of months ago… there was a discussion on fb on the topic of ‘being gay’ among christian youths!!! I was startled that more than 50 percent of those who shared their comments said that we should not confront their sin!!! Well, atleast I hope that they understand that it is SIN INDEED, in the first place!!! But almost 50-60 percent said that we will ‘hurt’ the emotions of the gay person if we confronted their sin!!! No wonder we have gay churches here in the US!!!

People don’t want to be confronted…. about their wrongdoings/ sin!!! What a pathetic nature of the flesh!!! The flesh… ohhhh our fallen flesh!!!

But here is what the Bible says about rebuke/confrontation of the truth….

Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.” Proverbs 9:8,9.

King David nails it…

Let a righteous man strike me–that is a kindness; let him rebuke me–that is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it, …” Psalm 141:5

Quite evidently, some of the great men of God took rebuke and confrontation of the truth in the right spirit. There is much for us to learn from their lives!!!

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” 2 Timothy 4:3

Sometimes I do feel it is better for me to have 1 person in my life who confronts my sin…. than 70 people in my life who say… “you are perfect just as you are!!!

Next time when someone confronts you about the truth… don’t pounce…. take sometime and think… if they were right… no harm in changing.. Right??? It is better to be confronted on Earth especially about our sinfulness……. coz’ there is no second chance in the life-after!!!


Blessed month of Resurrection guys!!!

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