Walmart Miracle!!

I love listening to testimonies. Testimonies speak to man, of the goodness of God, and that He is not man’s enemy, but a loving friend!!!

I heard a testimony a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to pen it down ever since, for you guys!!!

This testimony was narrated by Todd White, an evangelist who is crazy about Jesus. I use the word crazy… because He really is!!! Wherever He goes, He can’t help but share the love of Jesus with someone there!!! Be it the grocery store, gym, stuck in traffic… you name it… if there are people there… he can’t leave the place without sharing Jesus with them!!! Ha ha!!! This incident apparently happened at Walmart. He and his wife and his little daughter went to Walmart for regular grocery shopping one day!!! As He entered, alongside entered two men with a long hooded kind of a black robe!! Quite evidently he realized that they had something to do with the occult and satanic group. His wife goes… “Oh…oh!!!”… n’ Todd goes…. “Woahhh…..”!!!

Todd and his daughter follow them for a while… and finally they came to the personal care section to pick out some moisturiser or something!! Todd slowly approached them and introduced himself. With an angry look they didn’t want to have any conversation with him. Right at that moment, the Lord Jesus revealed (by word of knowledge) that one of the two guys had a severe pain in one of his feet due to a bone problem or something of that kind!! When Todd told him that, the guy was shocked to his bones. Todd pleaded that he pray for him. The guy firmly refused!!!

Didn’t I say that Todd was crazy for Jesus??? He wouldn’t let go. He pestered him soooo much that they guy finally gave in and said. “Ok, quick”!!! And the moment Todd prayed for his healing, the pain left his feet and he was totally healed!!! The guy was startled and said, “No way…..no way… no way!!!” Todd insisted, “Man… Jesus loves you so much… that He died for you, so that you may be healed.” The guy was dumbstruck and said that he was a satanic high priest of a very high ranking!!! Todd said… “But Jesus still loves you”!!!

I don’t know if the guy gave his life to Jesus right there… but it certainly was a seed that the Lord planted that he won’t forget for the rest of his life!!!

What amazed me in this story is the beauty of God’s love that went past the ‘outward actions’ and saw the ‘pain’ that this man was going through, and by His tender compassion, stretched out His loving hand and healed him. There are thousands of people in today’s world who are involved in occult and other witchcraft practices, because they don’t know better!!! They may outwardly be opposed to the kingdom of Light, but on the inside be yearning for true Love and acceptance!!! We, as the church, should never look down on them… or cast them away as sinners. While being cautious is wise, seeing them through God’s eyes, is love in action!!!

Pray… pray for your friends and neighbors and relatives who have’nt tasted the sweet love of Jesus, to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus, and their lives will never again, be the same!!!

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene,

And wonder How He could love me,

A sinner, condemned, unclean!!!

How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be,

How marvelous, how wonderful is my saviors love for me!!!

  • Charles Gabriel (1905)



What on earth were you doing???

After a long time…. Got some time in my hands to pen down my thoughts about something that touched me deeply,. Here we go….

DGS Uncle is a man of God whom I greatly respect. This story was illustrated by his son, Dr Paul.

When DGS Uncle was working in the bank, a friend of his, invited him to stay in his home before a meeting. Uncle obliged. After uncle arrived at his place, they caught up with each other for a while and bid goodnight. The next day his friend was waiting and waiting for uncle to join them for breakfast… and then lunch… but every time he asked, he said that he was praying. Somewhat bewildered, when evening came they left for the meeting and all went well.

The next day, uncle’s friend jokingly asked him… “What on earth were you doing, praying the whole day..”!!! Uncle replied, “When I begin to pray, Jesus comes and I talk to him about people’s problems and he gives me counsel and wisdom for every question and problem. Time just flies… 24 hours seems not to be enough”!!! His friend joked and said, “Next time He comes, ask Him what He thinks about me”.

That evening when uncle sat for prayer the Lord Jesus came… and even before DGS uncle could tell the Lord anything, Jesus spoke about the friend. “Several years ago when he lived in misery, not having a single meal to eat, he would rise up early and seek Me saying, “Lord bless me with some job so that I can eat one meal today. And I would answer his prayer for that day. In the night, he would come and thank me for the meal and the job that I gave him. I enjoyed his time with me. I would wait for him everyday and delight to commune with him.”

“And then I blessed him with a job in a bank and raised him up to a great position. But these days I wait for him, but he never comes to me. In the mornings, he says, “Lord Jesus, you know I have much work to finish”, and when the nights come, I wait for him but He says, “Lord Jesus, you know I’m too tired to pray..” Go and tell him, I long to commune with him and I wait for him everyday” !!

When DGS uncle shared this with his friend, needless to say, the man was moved to tears!!!

Well… this story don’t need any explanation… and to a certain degree we all can identify ourselves with this story, I’m sure!!! As long as we are desperate, we run after God and seek Him much… but when life is comfortable and gets busy…. It’s the same excuse that we all give!!! But the Lord asks us all one question today…

“Couldn’t you watch with me even one hour? Matthew 26:40


Time spent with God is time gained… not time wasted!!! Blessed week ahead folks!!!



God’s definition:

It’s the time of the year for self reflection!!!

I often think about the words that God uses when He rebukes man. Hypocrite, fool, wicked, evil and perverse generation, o’ you faithless generation, you of little faith and so on!!! Very often when we read such words, we associate those characteristic traits to ‘someone else’ and not us!!! Perhaps to someone who is living a wild, rowdy life!!! As for us who go to church and do all the christian things well, we usually don’t associate such words!!! But if you take a close look at the Bible and read them carefully, most of these strong words, God uses to His own people, the children of Israel in the old testament and the church/disciples in the New testament!!! The so-called “Christian crowd”!!!

I understood something which was interesting to me!!! For example, when we talk of a wicked person, we associate that word to someone who is living an extreme life, like robbing or killing people or a rapist or someone to that degree!!! That’s man’s way of understanding a wicked person. But when God calls someone as wicked, it is usually a matter of the HEART. Luke 18 captures it best!!!

A tax collector and a Pharisee come to the church to pray. And there stands the Pharisee making a prayer: “I thank you that I am not like other people–robbers, evildoers, adulterers–or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’” Luke 18:11,12

“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ Luke 18:13

Jesus concludes saying that the tax collector went home justified before God!!! Quite obviously the heart of the tax collector touched the heart of God, while the pride of the Pharisee didn’t get him anywhere!!!

As we walk this lenten season, I really do think that it is imperative for us to search our hearts and hear God’s opinion about us. We may be giving our tithes well, we may be doing church well… we may even be serving well… but if our hearts are lifted up to any degree, God sees it and who knows…the sinner out there may be more righteous than the ‘wicked’ in us!!!

Make this time of the year, a time of self-evaluation before the throne of God. God always shows you where you need to change!!! He is a good God and a loving Father who is tireless, when it comes to making us into the image of His Son, Christ Jesus the Nazarene!!!


Blessed Season of lent to all!!!


Merry Christmas… from a different angle!!!

Tis the season of Christmas!!! Needless to say, colorful lights brighten up the season and caroling out in the not-so-cold weather, adds that extra Christmas Cheer!!! A blessed Christmas season to all!!!

One thing that captured my heart or rather touched my heart deeply about Christ, this Christmas season, is the character of God, that saw beyond His own pain and sorrows and ALWAYS sought to bless the life of someone who reached out to Him!!!

It doesn’t feel all that great to be the unloved character in the family or amidst friends. Yet when I think of the life of Jesus, especially as the brutal agony of the cross was getting closer and closer, there were more and more people turning against Him and towards the end, even His closest friends began to curse His name. I often put myself in that situation and try to think how it could have felt!!! To have the entire city stand up against you, and your closest people turn their backs on you, is the worst nightmare for anyone!!!

Yet, as His own heart was being torn apart, His gentle heart reached out to someone who was hurting!!! Be it the healing of Malchus’ ears, or a word of comfort to Mary His mother from the cross, or a word of promise to the thief on the cross….. Jesus was always sensitive to the hearts cries of those around Him!!! And … that character of God touched me deeply!!!

Jesus said “I am the light of the World” John 8:12… and INDEED he was!!! But Jesus also said that “You are the light of the World” Matthew 5:14The question I leave with you this Christmas season is…. “Beyond our own pain and sorrows…. are we being the light in someones life???”

Oh…. we live in times that’s covered in darkness…

And I know that people… are longing to see some light…

So remove every darkness that dwells in my soul…

That I might be the light of the World…. !!!!

Very Happy to come out with my next Song…. ‘Search my Heart’!!! Listen and Enjoy…. and go out and change your World!!!! 

Blessed Christmas Season to all!!!


My two favorite voices…

I missed my friend. It had been a long time since I heard from the Lord!!! I kept telling Him, “Lord, it has been so long since I heard from you”… I had been travelling quite a bit, so I guess I was well occupied!!!! Now that I’m back home, and back to mundane routines….. I was missing the company of my friend, my Lord!!!

One afternoon when Jeev was home for lunch I was playing some of my favorite singers and singing along. When I was in college one of my favorite singers used to be Mariah Carey. When I got saved, all her cd’s which I had dutifully collected over the years went straight to the trashcan!!! 😀 Nobody told me to do that!!! I just felt that the lyrics of her songs were not in alignment with the things of the Lord!!! And so, it went right to the trashcan!!! However, I truly think that she is one of the best voices I have ever heard…. one of the best voices that the Lord has created: she holds the Guinness records for the best vocal-range and stuff…. She is hard to emulate…. if u can emulate her…. boy… that’s good!!!

And another favorite gospel artist whom I think has an instrument in his voice is David Phelps. These two folks are my favorite voices, though I don’t listen to the former anymore!!! I was bringing the roof down with my energy and my louddddd singing!!!! 😀 My husband and son were glued to their seats …. I wonder what they were thinking!!! Lol!!! But I had no intentions to stop. I like Mariah Careys version of ‘O holy night’ …. n David Phelps’ version too…. I was singing at the top of my voice…. with all my energy!!! And right then came the still small voice…..

The Lord spoke, “If this is your full POTENTIAL, do u think you have given your full potential to Me?” In between the song, I broke down…. God’s ways of catching us right at the unexpected moment and the unexpected place…!!!!! My volume went down…. and I got thinking!!!! When was the last time I sang with all my strength for the Lord???? Well……. I don’t think I ever have…. !!!!

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; Luke 10:27

Strength is an aspect I haven’t much thought about….. perhaps I should!!!! Very often, we give our best strength to the things of the world… and to the world!!! But when it comes to the things of the Lord, we give much lesser than our full ‘POTENTIAL’. The word Potential took on a whole new meaning for me, from that day….. !!!!

Yes!!! God has given you something that can be used to build His Kingdom…. Are you using it??? Are you using it to your FULL POTENTIAL???? Keep pushing yourself AND YOUR KIDS to be better each time, for the LORD first, and then the world!!! Not just with our talents, folks, even our everyday duties are just as important!!!

Coz’ as C.T Studd rightly said, “ Only one life ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last”!!!

Reaching Full Potential Speedometer Tracking Goal
Reach your full potential, for God!!! Yes, It’s in your hands!!!

Happy Thanksgiving season to all!!!! 🙂


Facebook article!!!

A couple of days ago I read an article on FB. It was about a physically challenged girl who went on to do some great accomplishments in the field of athletics and stunned her on-lookers by her mental strength and determination!!! What interested me more as always, is the comments section!!! While some people praised God for giving her the determination and the grace to help her go beyond her disabilities, most people hurled insults at God for being cruel. Quite obviously, being a Child of the King myself, I was enraged by the comments made about my Father in Heaven!!!

The reason being: In my 10 years of walk with the Lord, if there is one thing that I have understood about my Father it is this. The relationship with Jesus, is the most loving and the most genuine relationship one can ever have!!! It is next to impossible to understand the Father’s heart by being a stranger. You need to be a ‘child’, to understand the Father!!! I have had my share of joys and sorrows in life. Sometimes I have been soooo angry with God and sometimes I am just enthralled by His love and see myself totally undeserving of any goodness at all from Him!!! But that’s all a part of the relationship and I can assure you that the joy and the pain in my life has only made the relationship stronger!!!

Yesterday I had a random thought in the early morning hours…. I was visualising the sky rolling up and making way for the King of all kings to come down to the Earth to receive all His Children unto Himself!!! What a glorious day would that be!!!! Where would all the mockers hide??? What will become of all the scoffers then??? Trust me, that day, ain’t too far!!! It’s coming….. it’s coming…. sooner than we think… Are you prepared to meet thy Father??? Are your Children prepared to meet their Creator???

What a day that will be,
When my Jesus I shall see,
And I look upon His face,
The One who saved me by His grace;
When He takes me by the hand,
And leads me through the Promised Land,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

– Jim Hill

jesus coming to earth


The $2000 CARPET story!!!

This story touched me deeply and I thought I’ll share it with you guys. I heard this in a sermon.

A man of God was staying in a pastor friends house who were extremely generous with their giving to the missions. They deprived themselves of any kind of luxury and gave any extra money that came in, towards building the kingdom of God. Their house was in a bad shape and the carpets were so torn down, that their daughter gave $2000 to change the carpets in their home, coz it was just too bad. That noon they got a call from a dear friend of theirs who shared about the financial need to finish building a church. During lunch time, when they all sat down for lunch, the wife shared about the financial need to finish up the church, to her husband and suggested that they send the carpet money to them right away. The husband responded, “Oh Honey, do you even need to ask me?”… “send it soon”!!! The man of God witnessed all this first hand.

After a while the man of God had an experience where he was caught up to heaven. He was shown the mansions of several godly men and women of God. Some were in the process of being built, some were half done, and the angels were busy building the mansions for the children of God. When he came to one building he was awestruck by its beauty because the house was built by precious stones that the earth had not seen!!! The Lord told this man that this was the mansion of that pastors wife. And the Lord drew his attention to one particular stone and spoke to the man of God. This one is for the sacrifice that they made to finish building my church. The man of God understood how precious that earthly sacrifice was, in the EYES OF GOD.

When we talk of sacrifices and faithfulness, I can’t help but think of women. Even the bible talks of two women whose sacrificial worship was so precious to the eyes of God. Remember the old woman who put in everything?? She gave ALL THAT SHE HAD!!!! And the woman who anoints the Lord with an expensive perfume. All the disciples rebuked her…. but Jesus defends her saying that what she had done was a ‘good thing’. Whether we provide for our family sacrificially or give to the Lord our best, our loving Lord Jesus is watching!!!

The LORD rewards everyone for their righteousness and faithfulness 1 Samuel 26:23

Another thing about faithfulness that I believe touches the heart of God is the kind, when we keep doing what we are doing even though we get no applause from a crowd or a word of encouragement from anybody!!! Housewives, Home-makers!!! Take note!!! No 1….Our job is not a paying one!!! No 2…. there is No accountability!!! And that makes it all the more difficult for us to be ‘faithful’ at it!!! But when we do our ‘roles’ with utmost faithfulness to God, even that is a work that will be rewarded!!!

God rewards the faithful. Whatever job you do… whether it is caring for your home, raising kids, your office work, sharing the gospel, caring for the poor and needy, praying for the needs of others… whatever it is that you do…. remember ONE thing… FAITHFULNESS HAS ITS REWARD IN THE END.  Women are extremely precious in the eyes of God Almighty. Let the angels of the Lord keep us all protected from the eyes of evil men. Blessed day y’all!!!