..the battle is intense…indeed!!!

There is something about testifying the goodness of God, so much so that the enemy hates those who do it and is constantly waging war to destroy their testimony!!! Remember, we are living in the end of end times… and the demonic Kingdom knows that its time is very very very limited!!! The strongest attacks of the enemy is now accelerated toward the church as a whole!!! The battle is intense…indeed!!! How do we overcome? – a perspective from my end:

Last week as I was reading the book of Revelation, this thing struck me!!! Revelation 6 talks about a group of people who were slain by the enemy for 1. the word of God and 2. for the testimony which they held. That’s how intense, his hatred toward our testimony is!!!

Interesting!!! We who have known and tasted the goodness of God, hold a beautiful testimony of the Lord’s mercies in our lives!!! When we talk of a ‘testimony’, it simply means that satan’s plans were thwarted, and the Lords purposes and plans for us, prevailed!!!

And if we go on to read Revelation 12, it talks about how the people of God overcame the enemy. It was 1. by the blood of the Lamb and 2. by the word of their testimony!!!

The first part, Jesus has already done it for us by shedding his blood on the cross… Quite evidently, the second part is our part. Testifying of God’s goodness is an amazing weapon to defeat enemy’s hold over our lives!!!

Another aspect of testifying that I have learned over the years is this: “Declaring God’s goodness over our lives by Faith, even before our physical eyes actually sees it”!!! That affirms to the spiritual world that our lives are maneuvered by God and not the enemy!!!

We can see this virtue in King David, all throughout the book of psalms!!! He praised God even before the victory, trusting God that HE WILL give the victory over his enemy!!!

Outstanding Faith indeed!!! May we imitate such heroes of Faith!!!

God’s thoughts and plans for our nations, families and our children are always nothing less than amazing!!! So declare by Faith: Thank you Lord that you have made my children the head and not the tail (Deut 28:13)!!! Thank you Lord that you have plans to prosper us in every way and not to harm us (Jer 29:11)!!! Thank you Lord that you always give us more than we ask or imagine(Eph 3:20)!!! God is good all the time… and all the time, God is good!!!

O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.” Psalm 105:1

It’s amazing how MUCH your story can be a life-saver to someone out there!!! Never be too shy to share your story!!! Blessed month of March guys!!


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I am a thinker… I like to think deep especially….

It’s the time of the year for self reflection!!!

I often think about the words that God uses when He rebukes man. Hypocrite, fool, wicked, evil and perverse generation, o’ you faithless generation, you of little faith and so on!!! Very often when we read such words, we associate those characteristic traits to ‘someone else’ and not us!!! Perhaps to someone who is living a wild, rowdy life!!! As for us who go to church and do all the christian things well, we usually don’t associate such words!!! But if you take a close look at the Bible and read carefully…. most of these strong words, God uses to His own people, the children of Israel in the old testament and the church/disciples in the New testament!!! The so-called “Christian crowd”!!!

I am a thinker. I like to think deep… especially when it comes to understanding the mind of God and what exactly He meant by saying what He did. I understood something…. which ain’t rocket science… but it was interesting to me!!! For example, when we talk of a wicked person, we associate that word to someone who is living an extreme life, like robbing or killing people or a rapist or someone to that degree!!! That’s man’s way of understanding a wicked person. But when God calls someone as wicked, it is usually a matter of the HEART. Luke 18 captures it best!!!

A tax collector and a Pharisee come to the church to pray. And there stands the Pharisee making a prayer: “I thank you that I am not like other people–robbers, evildoers, adulterers–or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’” Luke 18:11,12

“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ Luke 18:13

Jesus concludes saying that the tax collector went home justified before God!!! Quite obviously the heart of the tax collector touched the heart of God, while the pride of the Pharisee didn’t get him anywhere!!!

As we walk this lenten season, I really do think that it is imperative for us to search our hearts and hear God’s opinion about us. Never ever think that you are better than the Rowdy out there!!! Coz we ain’t… we may be giving our tithes well, we may be doing church well… we may even be serving well… but if our hearts are lifted up to any degree, God sees it and who knows…the sinner out there may be more righteous than the ‘wicked’ in us!!!

Make this time of the year, a time of self-evaluation before the throne of God. God always shows you where you need to change!!! He is a good God and a loving Father who is tireless, when it comes to making us into the image of His Son, Christ Jesus the Nazarene!!!


Blessed Season of lent to all!!!

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Merry Christmas… from a different angle!!!

Tis the season of Christmas!!! Needless to say, colorful lights brighten up the season and caroling out in the not-so-cold weather, adds that extra Christmas Cheer!!! A blessed Christmas season to all!!!

One thing that captured my heart or rather touched my heart deeply about Christ, this Christmas season, is the character of God, that saw beyond His own pain and sorrows and ALWAYS sought to bless the life of someone who reached out to Him!!!

It doesn’t feel all that great to be the unloved character in the family or amidst friends. Yet when I think of the life of Jesus, especially as the brutal agony of the cross was getting closer and closer, there were more and more people turning against Him and towards the end, even His closest friends began to curse His name. I often put myself in that situation and try to think how it could have felt!!! To have the entire city stand up against you, and your closest people turn their backs on you, is the worst nightmare for anyone!!!

Yet, as His own heart was being torn apart, His gentle heart reached out to someone who was hurting!!! Be it the healing of Malchus’ ears, or a word of comfort to Mary His mother from the cross, or a word of promise to the thief on the cross….. Jesus was always sensitive to the hearts cries of those around Him!!! And … that character of God touched me deeply!!!

Jesus said “I am the light of the World” John 8:12… and INDEED he was!!! But Jesus also said that “You are the light of the World” Matthew 5:14The question I leave with you this Christmas season is…. “Beyond our own pain and sorrows…. are we being the light in someones life???”

Oh…. we live in times that’s covered in darkness…

And I know that people… are longing to see some light…

So remove every darkness that dwells in my soul…

That I might be the light of the World…. !!!!

Very Happy to come out with my next Song…. ‘Search my Heart’!!! Listen and Enjoy…. and go out and change your World!!!! 

Blessed Christmas Season to all!!!

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My two favorite voices…

I missed my friend. It had been a long time since I heard from the Lord!!! I kept telling Him, “Lord, it has been so long since I heard from you”… I had been travelling quite a bit, so I guess I was well occupied!!!! Now that I’m back home, and back to mundane routines….. I was missing the company of my friend, my Lord!!!

One afternoon when Jeev was home for lunch I was playing some of my favorite singers and singing along. When I was in college one of my favorite singers used to be Mariah Carey. When I got saved, all her cd’s which I had dutifully collected over the years went straight to the trashcan!!! 😀 Nobody told me to do that!!! I just felt that the lyrics of her songs were not in alignment with the things of the Lord!!! And so, it went right to the trashcan!!! However, I truly think that she is one of the best voices I have ever heard…. one of the best voices that the Lord has created: she holds the Guinness records for the best vocal-range and stuff…. She is hard to emulate…. if u can emulate her…. boy… that’s good!!!

And another favorite gospel artist whom I think has an instrument in his voice is David Phelps. These two folks are my favorite voices, though I don’t listen to the former anymore!!! I was bringing the roof down with my energy and my louddddd singing!!!! 😀 My husband and son were glued to their seats …. I wonder what they were thinking!!! Lol!!! But I had no intentions to stop. I like Mariah Careys version of ‘O holy night’ …. n David Phelps’ version too…. I was singing at the top of my voice…. with all my energy!!! And right then came the still small voice…..

The Lord spoke, “If this is your full POTENTIAL, do u think you have given your full potential to Me?” In between the song, I broke down…. God’s ways of catching us right at the unexpected moment and the unexpected place…!!!!! My volume went down…. and I got thinking!!!! When was the last time I sang with all my strength for the Lord???? Well……. I don’t think I ever have…. !!!!

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; Luke 10:27

Strength is an aspect I haven’t much thought about….. perhaps I should!!!! Very often, we give our best strength to the things of the world… and to the world!!! But when it comes to the things of the Lord, we give much lesser than our full ‘POTENTIAL’. The word Potential took on a whole new meaning for me, from that day….. !!!!

Yes!!! God has given you something that can be used to build His Kingdom…. Are you using it??? Are you using it to your FULL POTENTIAL???? Keep pushing yourself AND YOUR KIDS to be better each time, for the LORD first, and then the world!!! Not just with our talents, folks, even our everyday duties are just as important!!!

Coz’ as C.T Studd rightly said, “ Only one life ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last”!!!

Reaching Full Potential Speedometer Tracking Goal

Reach your full potential, for God!!! Yes, It’s in your hands!!!

Happy Thanksgiving season to all!!!! 🙂

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March 2015…. the day that dreadful news came!!!!

I have come to believe in the power of prayer more than ever before!!! When hearts unite together and call out to God with pure hearts, something happens…. the HAND OF GOD MOVES on Man’s behalf!!!

March 2015 was a devastating month for a dear friend of mine. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. She has been a dear friend since the time I got married and moved to Saint Louis in 2007 and over the years we had grown closer in our friendship. I remember the day she got the news. She went to the doctors’ to collect her report and we had been praying that it should be nothing. But the news was bad and when she texted me, I rushed to her house immediately. I didn’t know what to say…. I was speechless. I still don’t remember what I said….. but we spent sometime praying and I got back home…

I remember I came home and cried and cried…. I asked the Lord, What games He was playing with a young life?? And I didn’t know anything about the subject… so I quickly resorted to Dr google to get some details. It only made me worse. Nothing looked positive. After a while I told the Lord, God you have to tell me something!!! I picked up the Bible to hear His voice. The Lord spoke to my spirit through a very re-assuring verse. That gave faith to my fearful heart…. and I believed that though she be tested, she will come forth as gold!!! But this was just the beginning…..

I have no idea how many times her body had to be pierced for all the painful chemos and I can’t comprehend how she endured all of it. There can be no answer but one!!!! Prayer!!!

Here in Saint Louis, where I live, we have a Christian fellowship which is more like a family to us who live away from our real families!!! AS soon as we got the news, all the ladies joined hands together to pray for our precious girl!!! We lifted her up in our fellowship gatherings, in our personal prayers, family prayers, and we had conference calls every thursdays to go to the throne of God, specially for her. She was just covered by prayer. And ofcourse she and her Mum who is a strong woman of faith but a simple woman at heart, knocked on Heavens door too, for the life of our dear girl.

And after some extremely painful months for her, today she is on her way to full recovery…. something that is humanly unexplainable!!!! We believed God for a miracle…. and fought with the Lord until we got it!!! In this whole ordeal, one thing that I think over and over is this: The pain that her closest family must have gone through is something different and we cannot compare our pain anywhere near to theirs!!! But when we are burdened to any degree about a circumstance or situation, and we approach the throne of grace for that individual, HEAVEN LISTENS to us!!! And answers our prayers!!! Not a single prayer that rises from a broken heart is cast away by the Lord!!!

I have received several blessings, deliverances, and joys from the Lord….. and the reason is NOT that I alone prayed….. the reason is because I have a family that backs me up in prayer!!! Remember, every prayer counts!!! So today if you are burdened about any situation, I encourage you to pray for them….. maybe their deliverance depends on your intercession!!!!

We live in the physical realm…. but there is a spiritual realm that is operating around you, even right now!!!! Every prayer that you whisper is carried to the throne of God….. and better still, answers to your prayer are brought back to Earth!!! Oh I wish our spiritual eyes could be opened to see such magnificient activities of the spiritual realm!!!! Jesus lives!!! He lives to heal, bind up the broken, deliver and save!!! Oh!!! Blessed be His name!!! Blessed be His name!!!

And when he took the scroll, the four living beings and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp, and they held gold bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.” Rev 5:8

Prayers as Incense

Blessed November, folks!!!

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….but our relationship can never be the same again…..

The Human Race is all about Relationships!!! And Relationships…. Oh so complicated they are!!! I think almost all would agree with me to the fact that “Nothing hurts us as much as Relationships that we cherish, do”!!! It leaves some devastated for the rest of their lives!!! From what I have seen so far in my few fleeting years of my life, some of the biggest scars that remain unhealed which lies buried deep inside, are from corners of relationships that they cherish the most!!! Well…. while some manage to put up a fake smile and carry on with the relationships, others cut off the relationships altogether!!! A friend once commented, “Yes, she hurt me, but we are still friends, but our relationship can never be the same again”!!! Coz the hurt was deep…. Quite deep!!!

In every relationship that you and I are in, today, there are two sides to it!!! One, we are the receiving end of the love… and the other is the giving side of love. (And I’m establishing a fact that every relationship, be it personal or formal, has a base emotion of ‘love’. If it is a personal relationship (mum, dad, husband, brothers, sisters, etc), it would be love, compassion, kindness and so on…. If it is an formal/official relationship it would be trust, faith, honesty, etc; which is an offshoot of the core-emotion of love.) While we cannot completely control what we receive, we can make a conscious effort to go above our hurt-emotions and selflessly give away love to the very one that hurt us!!! It is a choice!!! As the old adage goes, “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. That nature pleases the Father!!!

If ‘God is Love’ how can we His offspring, choose to be any lesser? As long as we are alive on this Earth, Hurt and Pain and Scars are inevitable. Jesus was called as a ‘man of sorrows acquainted with suffering’, and that was not ‘just’ at the cross!!! Jesus was hurt by even his closest family during His years of ministry, but that didn’t stop Him from loving them!!! He loved them…. even to the Cross!!! And by His grace, so can we!!! I truly believe that we the younger generation, ought to show the world what ‘Love and Respect’ truly is!!! Leave the petty things behind!!! Arise and Shine, O’ youth, for the Glory of the Holy One, for you are called for purposes much higher than your mind can conceive!!!

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1

Pic below: Jaden with his cousin Aiden!!!  No matter how much they hurt each other…. they still innocently love the other!!!! The biggies have a lot to learn from these little ones…. 🙂


Blessed month of September to my readers!!! 🙂

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Facebook article!!!

A couple of days ago I read an article on FB. It was about a physically challenged girl who went on to do some great accomplishments in the field of athletics and stunned her on-lookers by her mental strength and determination!!! What interested me more as always, is the comments section!!! While some people praised God for giving her the determination and the grace to help her go beyond her disabilities, most people hurled insults at God for being cruel. Quite obviously, being a Child of the King myself, I was enraged by the comments made about my Father in Heaven!!!

The reason being: In my 10 years of walk with the Lord, if there is one thing that I have understood about my Father it is this. The relationship with Jesus, is the most loving and the most genuine relationship one can ever have!!! It is next to impossible to understand the Father’s heart by being a stranger. You need to be a ‘child’, to understand the Father!!! I have had my share of joys and sorrows in life. Sometimes I have been soooo angry with God and sometimes I am just enthralled by His love and see myself totally undeserving of any goodness at all from Him!!! But that’s all a part of the relationship and I can assure you that the joy and the pain in my life has only made the relationship stronger!!!

Yesterday I had a random thought in the early morning hours…. I was visualising the sky rolling up and making way for the King of all kings to come down to the Earth to receive all His Children unto Himself!!! What a glorious day would that be!!!! Where would all the mockers hide??? What will become of all the scoffers then??? Trust me, that day, ain’t too far!!! It’s coming….. it’s coming…. sooner than we think… Are you prepared to meet thy Father??? Are your Children prepared to meet their Creator???

What a day that will be,
When my Jesus I shall see,
And I look upon His face,
The One who saved me by His grace;
When He takes me by the hand,
And leads me through the Promised Land,
What a day, glorious day that will be.

– Jim Hill

jesus coming to earth

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