U.S Midterms

Like most of you, I’ve been pretty stressed out about the global situations that is on-going in the world today. Not that I had no personal things to be praying about…but the current events of the World in general, was wearing me down!

While prayer is the greatest gift that one can give to the country where God has planted us in, it is also true that the foundation of all prayer must be from FAITH and not fear!!! And mine clearly was not from faith, but fear! And so, like a good father, the Lord started helping me understand some things.

While our finite mind is calculating how ‘we’ can fix the problems of the earth, our good father, always shifts our perspectives heavenward!!

For the last couple of days, every side I turned, I saw or heard phrases and songs which point to “Jesus as King”. 👑 I didn’t pay much attention to it, coz’ to me, “Jesus Christ – King of kings ” was a Christmas theme! 🎄

One evening I was in the kitchen putting back all the groceries in the refrigerator. As I was working in the kitchen, a song was welling up from the inside.

Little tip: When songs or tunes of hymns or worship songs you know, come to your mind suddenly, “Sing it..” coz’ there could be unraveling of some precious truths, within the lyrics! It could be the right song, at the right time!

It was the song “Amazing Love, how can it be… You’re my King who died for me…. Amazing Love…I know it’s true…it’s my Joy to honor you…in all I do, I honor you…” Then comes the chorus: “YOU ARE MY KING….JESUS YOU ARE MY KING…YOU ARE MY KING .. JESUS YOU ARE MY KING.”

As I kept singing those lines, suddenly in my heart, all the dots connected…

God was trying to get my heart to trust in HIM as ‘MY’ KING. How did I not get it??!!! He is not just the King of the nations of the earth, but He is ‘MY’ KING and yours! A deeply loving King, whose gentle care for His people is beauty at its best!!

A few years ago, I remember I was really stressed about our green card processing and was wondering if we will get our stamping from the government. You know, it’s just amazing to see how God steps into your lowest moments to reveal rich truths to your spirit. I’ll never forget what I learned then. He spoke from Isaiah 9:6. “And the government will be upon His shoulder.”

He said, “If I want you to have it, you will, no one can stop that.” We got the green card a year after the Lord gave us that promise.

I knew that every decision of my every step was determined by MY KING Christ Jesus, who holds my life and yours in the palm of his hands. The kingdoms of the earth may be given power for a season by the Lord, but even that, God allows it for a purpose…to turn the eyes of every man to the TRUE and RIGHTEOUS KING, JESUS!

When Jesus walked the earth, it didn’t matter to him who actually sat on the political throne. He knew who He was. He knew his authority. And no one could lay a finger on him until the appointed time. And so it is with us. I think it’s easier said than done, but I believe God is calling us to a place where we don’t have to fear earthly kings. Our God even rebukes Kings for the sake of his children!

“He rebuked kings for their sakes saying, Do not touch my anointed ones nor do my prophets any harm. ” Psalm 105:14,15

Christ Jesus the Nazarene will finally rule and reign over the earth in LOVE, MERCY AND JUSTICE!! We look up to the heavens from where our Savior will return, to set up His Kingdom on earth!

“Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy! For You shall judge the people righteously, And govern the nations on earth.” Psalm 67:4

Blessed November!


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