Church Arise!

Our church celebrated its 100th anniversary last weekend. Over the last couple of services, we had been recollecting all what God has done in the past through our church, and we were exhorted by our leaders to believe that our BEST DAYS are not behind us, but are yet ahead of us!

The faithful ministry for over 40 years by our senior pastor Rev Ernest Dumaresqe and our assistant pastor Rev Jared Runck, has fed us with spiritual manna week after week. Their loving prayers has carried many-a-families through their valleys. Wishing God’s riches blessings upon them and their families.

On Sunday, Bro David Bernard preached from the book of Daniel – about “people who know their God” (Daniel 11:32). He shared a couple of testimonies, out of which I’d like to share two with you today, because I was personally blessed by it.

Call to me in the day of trouble:

Bro David and his family were driving on icy road conditions during one of his travels. His wife was beside him and his kids were in the seats behind him. At one point, an 18 wheeler (a truck) that was ahead of him lost traction on the icy road and began gliding toward their car. He had to make a split second decision. If he hit the brakes, his car would lose traction too, so he was holding off from using the brakes until the last possible second.

He thought in his mind that he just might have to brace himself for the inevitable. In that moment of panic, Bro David’s wife, cried out ONE word…“JESUS!”

And, just when he hit the brakes, he simply doesn’t know ‘how‘ it happened, but the 18 wheeler was able to safely pull to the side making way for their car, and their car was able to drive through, like NOTHING HAD EVER HAPPENED!!!

“…Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” Psalm 50:15

The other testimony was from their worship pastor, who does ministry in a war torn country. He and his wife, have 12 kids.

He giveth, he giveth, he giveth again:

Being the man of the home, he had to leave his wife and kids behind, as he stepped out to defend his country. His wife and kids had to hide in a building which was located in a village. Soon, their region was surrounded by the enemies. However, they continued to stay hidden in the building, completely trusting in the Lord.

With just a handful of flour left in the bin, the worship pastor’s wife decided to make one last meal before stepping out of the building, the next day.

God miraculously multiplied the flour and every night the bin had just enough flour for just another meal! It happened so, for 7 days. And finally when the flour was used up, she stepped outside the building and talked to one of the soldiers. “Please, please let me and my children cross over.”

The man in uniform replied, “You don’t understand. There are multiple mines placed on the ground. You have no idea where they are placed. But if you form a straight line and walk right behind me, I’ll walk you over to the other side.”

The soldier himself walked the family over to the boundary line where her family would be safe.

whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.” Pro 29:25

First hand testimonies such as these encourage our hearts. Don’t they? Especially in uncertain times such as these.

There’s no underplaying of the darkness that is getting denser upon the earth. But, our Hope is fully upon JESUS! He will hide us, provide for us, protect us and keep us in his tender care until the storm has passed over!

He ALONE will be our anchor in the days ahead!

Church, O’ Church!
Thou, who art the beloved of the Lord,
put your Hope in Him!

Blessed day!


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