The Flamboyance of the World

It looked like an old building. Paint had worn off from the walls and seemed like it was built many years ago. My aunt was taking my niece to this building. My niece is on the autism spectrum. I quite still didn’t know what this place was. I slowly walked toward this building.

Only when I stepped into the building, I realized it was actually pretty huge. The building had two storeys. There were many classrooms for children. Each classroom had some toys for kids to play with. There were typical kids and kids on the spectrum in this building.

I stepped into a couple of classrooms where kids were busy playing with their toys and friends. I came to the stairs which would take me to the second floor. Slowly I took each step carefully not knowing what to expect in the second floor.

I saw a middle aged caretaker sitting on the staircase. She was in an old, yellow printed sari. It looked like the color from the sari had almost faded away with time. She looked worn out and heavy…very heavy at heart. I walked past her to see the children she was caring for.

All the children in that room had a severe disability. It was too painful to watch. They had such a helpless look on their face as they glanced at my face for a quick second. The children were between the ages 3-5.. or 3-8.

As I watched each of them closely, I was crushed….just crushed on the inside. Not wanting to show my emotion right there, I fought to hold my tears within my eyelids. I slowly walked back to head downstairs.

The caretaker lady was still seated in the stairs. As my eyes locked with hers, there was no exchange of words. My tears slowly started trickling down. I couldn’t hold them back any longer. Wanting to shift the focus from the pain we both felt in that moment, the lady with genuine curiosity asked me with such innocence…

“Neenga Nalla varaiveengala… Velila sonnanga…” (Do you draw well, people were saying…)

I couldn’t speak words because my eyes were streaming with tears, my heart was heavy with sorrow and I was almost frustrated that I couldn’t find a way to genuinely appreciate this lady for what she was doing for these helpless children. Through my tears, I nodded and just said…”Yes, glass painting…”

I almost felt ashamed that moment that while artists who do nothing, but merely paint are being applauded by the world, but genuine service to the LORD like the one that this woman does day-in and day-out are NOT EVEN NOTICED, MUCH LESS HONORED!

I woke up just hating the World for it’s flamboyance! Esteeming what is worthless, and despising what is worthy has always been the WAYS of the WORLD.

With God, it’s the opposite. For the foundation of His throne is righteousness and justice. This World and it’s glory will soon fade away but those who by patient continual of good will be crowned with UNIMAGINABLE GLORY, in HIS KINGDOM.

“And those members of the body which we think to be less honorable, on these we bestow greater honor;” 1 Cor 12:23

While people like me, who carried microphones to sing and a writers pen in hand to write, will be lucky if we get the sweepers job up in Heaven!

“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” Psalm 84:10

Gifts will eventually die away. When we go beneath the dust, there goes with it, our gifts and our talents. It is the FRUIT…ONLY the fruit of the Spirit that lasts forever.

The alarm clock went off and I had to get off the bed to pack lunch for my kids. But I pray that I’ll never forget the face of the woman I saw in my dream, all the days of my life, to keep me reminded of what is MORE Honorable in the SIGHT OF GOD.


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