The Power of Decisions:

Our decisions are powerful!!

Heard this insight by a preacher. Really got me thinking!

“Your decisions doesn’t just affect you, but impact the generations that come after you!”

Adam’s one wrong decision impacted every other generation that came after him. Esau’s one decision of self gratification, impacted his generation that came after him. Judas’ decision of one moment of betrayal, cost him his amazing calling. Who knows, perhaps he could have been a Peter or Paul, had he learned to crucify his sinful flesh!!

On the contrary, think about the decision that people like Abraham, the ‘Father of faith’ had to make! It was a crucial and an extremely heart breaking decision, but nevertheless at the word of the Lord, when He decided to obey, he became a ‘friend of God’! James 2:23

Think about the decision of Hannah, who contended with the Lord for a Son! She just didn’t throw her hands up in the air n’ say, “Maybe it’s not God’s will for me to have a child!” She contended with God on her knees and birthed Samuel. Even more heart-wrenching…. was the decision  to stick to the promise she made to God -to go and leave a 5 year old child (or may be even younger) under the care of a priest! But Oh! What a blessing Samuel was, to the nation of Israel!!!

What do we learn from all their lives? Our decisions, don’t just impact the here and now, but more importantly they impact the here-after. Who knows? Maybe your decision to share your testimony with a friend could be the seed, God may use to touch generations that may come after your friend!!

Listen to what the Bible says: “The generation of the upright shall be blessed.” Psalm 112:2. Note, blessedness isn’t just for the upright man! It even extends to the generations that come after him! Isn’t that amazing!! Your sincere, faithful walk before God, on a day to day basis, matters for generations to come!!

Making wise decisions in step with the Spirit sure goes a long way, in establishing God’s Kingdom of righteousness on Earth!!

Blessed week ahead!


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