A short trip to the Narrow Trail

A week ago, we went to a lake about 3 hours from our city with a few of our friends and their families. The lake is surrounded by small little hills and is a tourist attraction for families with little kids. 

On Saturday after breakfast, we headed out to one of those little hills for a quick trek and then our plan was to head to the lake where the kids can play in the water for a few hours. My husband and his friend finalised this spot to trek because Google said that it was a kid-friendly trail. 

Off we started. It was a trek through the forest and it wasn’t too long before we realised that it was far from kid friendly! Five minutes into the trek and I started getting nervous. The trail was so narrow that only half a person could walk. (Maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it felt on the trail). I had my handbag on my left shoulder and was holding Jiana with my right hand. 

Jaden was confident as he kept walking so fast ahead of us, coz’ he wanted to walk with the other kids his age. I had to keep using my “Mommy voice” to tell him to slow down and walk with us, closer to me and Jeev. I was as nervous as nervous can get, because to my left, the hill went downward and beneath the downward slide was the lake. 

Because I was so nervous, I held on to Jiana so tight and every step she took I kept telling her, “careful… Jianamaaa… walk slowly…” and as a result I was freaking her out too and she started crying. All along, I was so angry with google for saying it was ‘Kid friendly’. 

Jeev was walking about 4-5 steps behind me and all along, not a SINGLE word of frustration. He just kept saying, “Its actually a beautiful trail, if you look around.” I didn’t even have the courage to lift my head to see the next STEP, much less look AROUND!

He told me to hand over my handbag to him. I was too scared to bring my left hand all the way up to my shoulder and get it off, so I said, “Vendam…”. Then after a bit, he said, “give Jiana to me, I’ll bring her”. That sounded like a GREAT idea. So, slowly I turned, and handed over Jianas hand to Jeev. 

I can’t explain the HUGE relief I felt after that. After Jiana went to her Dad, she even stopped whining. Dad and daughter were actually enjoying the trek, I felt MUCH more composed and Jaden was doing just fine too, as he trotted just ahead of us. After a while, we came to a beautiful open space where we could sit down and take a break with some ‘thattai’ and krack-jack cookies!

Huhhh! What a trek! I’ve never done one like this before and I don’t think I’ll ever do one again. 

I thought of how this was an exact depiction of what we do with our cares of life – whatever form they may be! Too often, we think WE have to handle it and all the stress of life comes upon us and makes us a nervous wreck. But all along, our Father is just a few steps away waiting for us to entrust our cares into His hands. 

When we do, 1. it relieves US of ALL the pressure 2. He will make sure that the journey is pleasant and 3. the manner of HOW we got to the destination will be a testimony that will speak of HIS Glory not our skills, coz’ frankly we have none!

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he (Jesus) cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Pic Source: lakeexpo.com; Ozarks Lake

Blessed Day!


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  1. Rublin Aneez says:

    Wow! Beautifully explained 😊 yes! He cares for us!

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