Delight Coffee Creamer…??? Nahhh.. :)

About 2 years ago, I had purposed in my heart that I will get to the church half an hour early every Wednesdays, to spend sometime in prayer before the service began. It wasn’t easy, coz I had to ask Jeev to get home early, so he could watch Jiana while Jaden n’ I went to church. I had to even get dinner prepared ahead of time, coz it was easily 8:30 by the time I got back. I’ve always noticed that when we DO pay a price to worship the Lord, the Lord takes pleasure in that act of Worship.

One such Wednesday evening, Jaden n’ I got to church a little early, and I remember I got on my knees to pray. I was silently talking to the Lord, when I was suddenly engulfed by a strong presence of the Lord and out of that presence came a still small voice which said, “DELIGHT”….and then the presence lifted.

I was shaking after that experience for sometime before the service began. I didn’t understand why I heard what I heard.

We were looking for our new home back then, so in my naiveness, I sincerely thought that God was giving me the name of the lane that our new house would be in! Delight Drive, Delight lane…. or something of that sort. 🙂 I was looking at Zillow and realtor everyday to see if there were any houses on a lane called “Delight lane”!!

N’ then, since I couldn’t find any, one day I came across a coffee creamer called “Delight” in Walmart. After I learned about that, I kept opening the refrigerator in every open house, to see if I can find the “Delight” coffee creamer! Jeev was baffled! “Why on Earth are you opening the fridge everywhere”, he kept asking! Of course he didn’t know the great big secret! 😀

It was one hilarious episode, I tell you!!! But somewhere along the way, the Lord Jesus in his unending patience taught me that, when we DELIGHT in the Lord, he will give the desires of our hearts! Psalm 37:4

And sure enough, he blessed us with a beautiful home which we stepped into about 2 years ago!

When we think of experiences such as these, surely it tingles us and for a long time I was kinda lost in that experience. However it took time for me to realise that it is wrong to idolise such experiences because no ‘experience’ is worthy of honor, except the unchanging, eternal Lord Jesus alone!!!

The Lord delights to draw close to us when we draw close to him and give us spiritual experiences, but nothing can replace simple, devoted, faithful worship unto the Lord on a day-to -day basis!!! Experiences may come and go, but Jesus remains with us forever!

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

It is not about what God spoke to us a year ago…or a month ago….or even a day ago! The question is What did he teach you TODAY! Are we intimate with Jesus to hear the whispers of our Maker, TODAY???

Sitting at the feet of Jesus, the best place man can EVER BE!

Blessed day!



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  1. John Jayaseelan says:

    Praise God!!

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