One man’s faith, another’s helping hand:

Last week we were invited for dinner by a relative of mine, whom I lovingly call Celina Akka. My DIL who normally shy’s away from social gatherings and dinners, was looking forward to going, coz’ Celina akka’s husband and my Dad-in-Law are from the same village called Alangulam, in the Tirunelveli district.

After a SUPER DELICIOUS ooru saapaadu, Athai, myself and Celina ka were chatting, while Jeev, Mama and Annan were (I think) trying to comprehend Why our CM Edappadi made a foreign trip!! 😜 Just kidding!!!

Celina akka’s faith has inspired me on countless occasions. She ain’t a preacher, nor a counselor nor anyone this world would call great! But I have seen that her conversations are full of adoration to God. She was sharing with Athai and me about how she always prays and asks God for wisdom before she decided on a menu for the guests. I haven’t heard anyone say something like that before. Ask Jesus to prepare a Menu….. a simple Menu???!! She showed me the list. The list had about 10 items. And she felt
terrible that she couldn’t do all 10, but just 8!! 😄

Athai loves to work in our yard!! It’s her favorite thing to do!! The following Monday, after helping me out a little in the kitchen, athai told me she’ll be in the yard, to get the weeds out! She headed out.

After about 3 hours, athai came back in, super excited! She told me that, as she kept pulling out the weeds, she kept asking God to show to her eyes, the hidden weeds. Unusually, she was able to uproot about 50-75 weeds, coz usually she gets only about 25!!

I kinda realized that what Celina Akka had shared on Friday, (that one can depend on Jesus, even for menial tasks), had helped Athai reach out to Jesus, for her menial task! I think this scripture is JUST as what it says!!

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” John 15:7

It’s incredible how one person’s simple faith, can touch another to believe God for their circumstances!!

You, sharing your faith, can be someone else’s helping hand!! Don’t be shy of your simple child-like stories, coz not all of us may have a Red sea parting experience! To those that have a child-like heart, fixing a happy meal for eight or pulling out 75 weeds is probably greater than even the parting of the Red Sea!!

What a friend we have in JESUS!


Blessed September!!


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  1. Aarthi Inbarajan says:

    Wow! So touched my heart! God’s always good to us and hears us however simple our requests can be. But sometimes it amazes me how he answers even my prayers. Thank you for sharing!

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