Sometimes small little things makes a strong lasting impact:

When I call God as my Daddy, here’s what I believe he is to me – a person to whom I can turn to, no matter what kind of internal mess I’m in, coz I know beyond a shadow of doubt, that he’ll rescue me out of the muddy pit, that I got myself into! Not once, not twice, it has happened several times in my life and I’m more than sure that you have tasted the faithfulness of our Daddy God, just as much as I have, coz’ WE ALL are weak, frail, beings who need the Hand of God, every single day!!!

In a sense, earthly fathers are called to be a reflection of our heavenly Father above!!! They are strong on the outside, but there is an emotional side to them; they don’t cry very easily, but they do – and most of the time it is for reasons related to their dear ones; they don’t verbalise their love too often, but they express it in other simple ways – which most often is not perceived by his children, grandchildren or spouse.

My father-in-law is a very reserved personality. Doesn’t talk much. Very reserved. But during one of my visits to Coimbatore, when he returned back from a wedding, he brought me a small 100 ml cup of vanilla ice cream. Somehow that small little gesture of love, has left an impression in my heart!!! That was the day I kinda had a glimpse into the Father heart of my Father-in-law!!

The ways my dad expresses his affection to Bini and me is also very similar. I’ve never heard daddy ever say, “love you daughter”…or any of that stuff… but most often, he expresses it by simple gestures which has no doubt, made a lasting impression in our hearts, and how so often Bini and I, recall them!!!! Yeah, and Jeev does the same too!! He brings little doughnuts from his office wrapped in a little paper plate, coz’ he knows Jaden and I love doughnuts!!! 😋

Fathers!! Such an incredible reflection of our Father God!! Be it showing simple gestures of love to put a smile on our faces, or whether we’ve completely done something foolish, and need a listening ear, to untangle the mess we’re in- Daddy’s are always there!!! 💕💕

“There you saw how the LORD your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.” Deut 1:31.

A day late, but hey, anyways – Happy Fathers day to all the incredible Father’s – You are making a lasting impact on the hearts of your children!!! 🎉🎉💕💕

Pic below: Dad-in-law with grandsons Shadrach and Jaden.



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