A 12th grader’s song

When I was doing my 12th grade, I had to sing a song called, ‘Mother, sweet mother of mine’ for my school annual day. I don’t think I quite grasped the depth of that song back then. But as time unfolds, and I get a little bit more older, I understand that the tiny little things that Mum did back then, has truly accomplished the greatest miracle in my life – ‘To KNOW that I am a sinner, saved by Grace.’

I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the greatest miracle in a person’s life is ‘Salvation’. No one can talk me into making me understand that I’m a desperate sinner. It is a divine act of God, to bring us under that conviction. But, in order for a child to truly understand that he/she is in need of a Savior, the role that intercession plays, can’t be understated.

All through my school years, I remember my Mum fasting as often as she could. I never understood Why, much less asking her if she had her dinner! I remember the days my Mum would take my feet and put them on her lap and I could feel her cold tear drops wet my feet. Little did I know that every tear drop, went into the hands of God who was careful to keep them in his record (Psalm 56:8).

And when the time was ripe, all the seeds of tears that Mum had shed at the feet of the Lord, came before the throne of God, and BAM! God stepped in and I had a powerful encounter with the living God, who changed my life forever! The tears of a Mother will Never, ever go in vain!

There are many interesting Mom’s in the Bible. But I have always been amazed by Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Not much about her personality is revealed in the scriptures, but the very fact that this young teenager was chosen by God to raise the Son of the living God, tells me that God trusted her to sow the seeds of intercession, that Jesus much needed, to walk the path that he walked. And also 3 of her other sons too, were chosen to serve God (Mark 6:3). I also believe, that even as she stood at the foot of the Cross beholding her first born marred more than any man (Isaiah 52:14), her intercession kept going before the throne of God.

Indeed the faithful prayers of a Mother, availeth much! (James 5:16)

To my dear Mum – Thank you Mee, for your faithful intercessions for Bin and me.

And to all the lovely Mom’s out there – Your intercession for them today, is what truly shapes their tommorow’s. So never quit getting on your knees for your kids. That’s the single most important thing that you can sow for your child – That they may one day know, that all the world’s glory is vain, but there is Hope only in Jesus NAME!

“The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” 1 John 2:17

The prayer of a Mother is powerful…. POWERFUL!

Blessed month ahead, folks!


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  1. susan says:

    This moved me Akka! Thank you. I realise how important it is to pray for my sons’ salvation. Thank you!

    1. susan says:

      That they may one day know, that all the world’s glory is vain, but there is Hope only in Jesus NAME! – WOW!

    2. God be praised, Susan!

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