One step:

Whatever be our battles that each of us may be facing, it may become overwhelming to look at the mountain of a task ahead of us and wonder how we are ever going to reach that destination that literally seems miles and miles away!

A testimony I heard from a man of God a couple of years ago:

A man was called by God to preach Christ in the mountains of Nagaland and the surrounding areas. The place he resided in, was surrounded by snow capped mountains with extremely low temperatures. God had called him to minister there.

One particular weekend, he had an invitation from a nearby village to preach in their church. There was no proper transport facilities as these were snow capped mountains, with rough terrain. It so happened that he had to walk for about 3 days to get to that village to preach there. Sincere to the call of God, after getting off at the closest bus stop, the man of God began walking.

Few hours into his walk, his slippers tore apart and he had to walk bare-foot. Although his feet was bleeding, they became numb to even feel the pain, he testified. When he could not endure the journey any longer, he broke down to tears and told the Lord, “Lord Jesus, I give up.” Just then, the Lord Jesus appeared by his side and told him, “Don’t look at the distance to the destination, just take one step at a time. I’ll walk WITH you.”

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you;” Isaiah 66:13

The Lord may not always appear by our side like he did for this humble man of God. But one thing is for sure. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and cares for every soul that is crushed in spirit.

When mountains seem larger than we can handle, and the destination seems too far away, we have an assurance from our God that we DON’T have to walk alone. HE WALKS WITH US!

Sincere thanks for all the sacrifices of the servants of the Lord across the globe, to serve God inspite of their pain!

And to all of us who trust in Christ – He walks with us in our journeys and helps us conquer mountains, with ease!! Don’t look at the distance, one step at a time, is all that we need!

“You know how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.” Exodus 19:4

Blessed day ahead!


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