‘Walking a Mile’

I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to quit writing!!! There have been several, several times when I wanted to just quit. But every single time, the hand of my daddy, was ever so faithful to pull me up!

I remember one particular Wednesday night when I went to church telling the Lord, “Lord, I’m done writing…. Please Lord, I’m done.” The Word of God for that day which my pastor, Bro Ernst Dumeresq delivered, seemed like it was specifically designed JUST FOR ME. When I returned home, I had new strength and courage, to keep my journey going!!!

How can I give thanks, for all that thou hast done for me O’ Lord! I give thee praise! I give thee praise!

About 15 years ago, a man of God prophecied to me and said, “I see you write…. I see you write.” I had no clue what he was talking about back then! Several years later, I began to get it. I had my own plans, but the Lord had His plans too. I’m so so so thankful that His plans prevailed over mine!

I can’t thank God enough for helping me come out with my first book titled, ‘Walking a Mile’.

Dear friends and family, do buy it and read it and let me know if you enjoyed it and what portion of the book ministered to you! I would love to hear from you! Here’s the link where you can order a paperback or one in Kindle format. Friends in India, kindly wait for a couple of weeks. We are working on getting it printed there. As soon as it is available in stores, I’ll definitely let you all know!

A big ‘Thank you’ to all my loving readers. You are another reason which kept me going over the years! Trust me, everyone….EVERYONE around you needs encouragement. So give it freely! 🙂

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.” Psalm 138:8

To God be the Glory! To God be the Glory!


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  1. Zeno says:

    Wonderful progress, Varna! I’m sure it will be a source of inspiration to many.

  2. Zeno says:

    Wonderful progress, Varna! I’m sure it will be a source of inspiration to many.

    1. Thank you Zen! Do give it a read and let me know how you liked it!!

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