….into the hands of God…

Anything that goes into the hands of God is taken care of, by the Lord. We can be rest assured that it is in safe hands. We don’t need to worry about it again!

Whatever it is that weighs your heart down, commit it into the Lord’s hands. Rest and Trust.

When 2 loaves of bread and five little fish, which looked very insignificant, went into the hands of God, it satisfied the hunger of thousands.

When the 2 cents of the poor old widow, went into the hands of God, the Lords hand of blessings was indeed upon it.

When young Mom’s brought their children to the Lord, that he might simply put His hands on them and bless them, they kinda had an understanding about the power of God’s Mighty hands!

Whatever it is that you and I may hold on to firmly, let go….. let go into the hands of Jesus. What goes into the hands of God, will never return void. It will indeed be blessed and become a blessing.

Think about the last words of Jesus on the Cross. ‘Into your hands, I commit my Spirit’, said the Lord! Think about the way the Spirit of Christ powerfully moves amidst us, even today!


Anything that is entrusted into the hands of God will indeed become a blessing! Commit your ways into the hands of God n’ Trust Him!

Blessed day!


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