Shruti Hassan

One Life to Love, One life to cherish, Life is best lived, When it is lived God’s way!!!

I was recently watchin the interview of Shruti Hassan who has made it big into the Indian film industry due to her talents in music. Truly she is gifted in Music, I must say!!! She was asked about her future plans in the film music industry. Her response was rather interesting. She said: “You never know when your last day is gonna be. I can slip and fall in the bathroom and be gone. So I want to live everyday as if it were the last.” She said that she wants to give the best of her in everything that she does…so that if she dies any day, she will have no regrets. Interesting, I thought!!!

A young teenage girl to have such deep thoughts about Life seemed rather interesting!!! Surprisingly there are a growing number of youngsters with this kind of a philosophy. “Live today as if it were your last”.

Well… to me there is no flaw in the philosophy as such… except that the Life I live today ought not to please ‘myself’, but rather please ‘the One’ whose face I will see, if today were the last day I breathe. The Bible says,

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36

Life is not about here and now!!! It is about the “hereafter”!!! And that gives me a stronger reason to believe what I believe!!!

One Life to love, One Life to Cherish, Life is best lived, When it is lived God’s way!!!

“We have a disease it’s called procrastination. We let life pass by and before we know we will be knocking on heaven’s door. In heaven there is no book writing ministry, there is no media ministry, there are no drunkards to save, No prostitutes to rescue. No child trafficking to prevent. No poor that need help. Earth is the place of impact and transformation. God has gives us an opportunity to change this world for good. Our chance at History. Our opportunity to walk on water and leave footprints in the waters of History. Let’s lead our lives, like it matters. We have one life, Let’s make it count.” – Pastor Hari Rao

Hope you had a blessed 2009. Have a fabulous month ahead!!!


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  1. Anu says:

    That’s really a wonderful thought…

    & kuddos for sharing it with many..

  2. I am in love with your ‘kutty philosophy’ 🙂 Thank you sweets for sharing it with us..

    p.s.: I guess Shruti gets her deep thinking from her dad..

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