Aaron, John Wesley and You!

Nothing is more delightful to a child of God than when God speaks to him/her! I really believe God wants us all to have a reminder of what I’m about to share.

Last Friday, we had ladies meeting at church. We had some delicious potato soup, crackers and cheese for dinner. After dinner, we moved into the sanctuary to listen to God’s Word by Sis Ferrin. She was beautiful inside out, as are most godly women of God. She talked about ‘Seasons’ and how God appoints ‘Seasons of Joy and Pain’ in all our lives and how he works out His purposes through all of that. It was a beautiful evening.

One of the scriptures that came to my mind during the last couple of days was the verse “What is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him?” Psalm 8:4

It truly amazes me that no matter how trivial or massive man’s issues maybe, the God who watches over Russia and Ukraine is the same God who is deeply concerned about our little ear aches and sneezes! Isn’t it amazing that he takes the time to visit YOU and ME?

Usually when a scripture grips my heart, I usually pull a picture from Google and write the verse and post it as a WhatsApp status, coz I KNOW what has spoken to me, will also speak to someone else.

On Saturday night as I was getting the picture ready for “What is man that you are mindful of him”. Out of the blue, I remembered a quote by a man of God who spoke in one of his sermons, which I think I heard about 6-7 months ago! The line I remembered was, “ONE praying man/woman has more power than all the armies of the World combined together!”

That phrase came so strong to my heart, so I went ahead and posted it on WhatsApp too!

This morning, our junior pastor brought God’s word to the church. He said he had a different sermon prepared, but the previous night as he was reading the scriptures, God dropped a thought into his heart and he felt he had to preach on this thought instead of the one he had prepared. He stayed up late in the night to get the message ready!

Praise God for servants of the Lord who are sensitive to God’s Spirit!

Going on, his text was from Numbers. The scripture his sermon centered around was “Aaron stood between the living and the dead”. Numbers 16:48

Here’s what his message was: ONE MANS PRAYER/INTERCESSION, makes all the difference!

When God was angry with the people of Israel for their constant grumbling and complaining, Aaron RAN into the midst of them and pleaded with God for them. All it took for the plague to be stopped was just ONE MAN’S INTERCESSION.

Later in the evening I was listening to a sermon on YouTube who talked about John Wesley. He said, “Because of that one man’s (John Wesley’s) walk with God, the whole history of Europe was changed. How many of you know that one man or one woman sold out to God can change histories of the Nations?”

The message was clear. “ONE PERSONS prayer/walk with the Lord is powerful enough to change the course of even the Nations!”

Too often we think we are lost and forgotten in this big wide world. It may be true in the eyes of the World that we are a Nobody!

But, let me tell you something: JESUS loves the Nobody’s. What the Nobody’s do in secret, interceding with tears for the people in the Nations, is absolutely ENOUGH for God to begin to move to turn the course of the Nations!

People of God, get into your prayer corners and PRAY! PRAY for Ukraine! Pray for the Nations! Pray for the sick! Pray for your neighbors! Pray for your family members! Heaven is waiting on YOUR PRAYERS AND MINE!

A mighty revival is on the horizon! 🌎

Blessed week ahead!


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