An unusual wake up Call

This is a testimony of a young worship leader. Learned much, thought I’d share.

It was Friday evening as she was getting ready to go for practice, to prepare for service on Sunday. After she got back from practice, she felt something wasn’t right. She spent time in prayer, repenting. She still felt no peace. But she knew something wasn’t right… and Saturday passed by quietly.

Early Sunday morning, she was awakened by the Lord at 5:00 am, which was really unusual to her schedule. But she knew it was the Lord waking her up. She immediately got off the bed and went on her knees and waited patiently for the Lord to speak.

After about an hour, around 6:00 am, the Lord pointed out her sin and moved her to repent. She repented with tears before the Lord about what the Lord had convicted her of.

It was a blessed Sunday morning Worship, she confessed.

This whole incident was playing in her mind over and over again. Just the thought about how much God cared, to convict her of her sins and draw her closer to his bosom, left her at loss for words.

After about a week or so, she broke down before her God as she told the Lord, “O my God, what would I do without you…” To her utter surprise, she heard the Lord’s voice responding to her: “… What would “I” do without YOU…”

வானம் பூமி படைத்திருந்தும்
வாடினேன் உன்னை இழந்ததினால்.
தேடி இரட்சிக்க பிதா என்னை
அனுப்பிடவே ஓடிவந்தேன் மானிடனாய்.
– Author unknown.


“Although I had created the Heavens and the Earth,
I was grieved because I lost YOU (to sin).

We take sin so casually. But God doesn’t. His eyes are so pure that he can’t behold evil. Yet at the same time, he loves you so deeply that He can’t let that Sin be a wall between YOU and YOUR GOD! So, he gave HIMSELF to be broken to pieces, that HE can Embrace you and me again.

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness;” 1 Peter 2:24.

There’s ONLY one thing now that HE asks of Man: TO REPENT.

Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.” Rev 3:19.

You are deeply loved by YOUR God! His NAME, JESUS! Blessed November!


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