When Love covers:

The nature of God and who He is, is something that we will learn all through eternity, and still not come to the end of it. Infinitely great is His beauty – the beauty of His Nature.

One such unique character of God, is His nature to cover our weaknesses and sins.

A couple of years ago I overheard my Mom chatting with one of her friends. Like most Moms do, the topic of discussion centered around their kids. I overheard my Mom saying some things about me which made me feel unworthy of such compliments.

Over the years, I’ve noticed this unique quality in Mother’s. They never, never expose the flaws of their kids. They always see the brighter side of their little ones and embrace them despite their flaws.

Any guesses where that quality came from?

Yes, you are right! From the very heart of God!

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, as broken as God was, to think that He could no longer have that unhindered communion with His Children, one of the things He did was to cover their nakedness(feeling of worthlessness, due to sin) and restore Honor back to them, that nothing can change the fact that they were STILL the Children of God.

While Adam thought that leaves were enough to cover his shame, God showed Adam that mere leaves were not enough. God took an innocent lamb in the presence of Adam and taught Him that without the shedding of blood there can be no cover for man’s nakedness due to sin.

That day, Adam knew full well that without the shedding of blood, his sin could not be covered.

“….love covers all sins.” Pro 10:12

While the enemy has always been finding ways to accuse and bring Shame to Adams race since the garden, the lamb was slain to restore Honor back to us.

“I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor.” Isaiah 45:4


Worthy is the lamb that was slain!!

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