Bid Me Come:

It’s sobering to see how things can go from calm to a storm in just a matter of days. Who would have thought that a microscopic organism could cause havoc to humanity of such great magnitude?!!

Together with the virus’s rampant spread, we have begun to see a wide range of other bricks slowly falling, ranging from the slowdown of the business sector to the crumbling down of the stock markets, worldwide. At this point, it is quite evident that all our hearts are anxious as to what’s NEXT???

Everyone says, “Don’t Panic”, but in situations such as these, where death tolls are on the rise and the economy unstable, isn’t it a normal human emotion to be anxious because of the uncertainties that lies ahead?

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:19

God has been reassuring all of us through many ways, I’m sure! God is good! All the time! And today, I would like to quickly draw our attention to one of my favorite incidents recorded in the Bible – one which has spoken to me personally, in trying times.

Jesus had told his disciples to get aboard their boat and cross over to the other side. He was to join them a little bit later. While on their way on the sea, the disciples were caught in a raging storm.

Imagine yourself in the boat. The boat being rocked back and forth, the howling winds, the thunder, the lightning, and the water levels inside the boat slowly rising. Don’t you think you would have been terrified? I, most certainly would have!! Doubtless, the hearts of the disciples were melting in fear.

While they were struggling at the sails, their hearts weighed with fear, they saw Jesus coming walking on the Water toward their boat. At first they didn’t recognize him but when the Lord said, “It is I, don’t be afraid”, the disciples would have finally regained strength in their hearts – Just as we receive strength for our tomorrow’s, when the Lord comforts us with His Words and speaks to our hearts NOT to be afraid.

The story goes further. When Peter saw Jesus walking on the stormy seas, something inside of him was stirred up. He wanted to walk on the Water too! But He knew he just can’t get out of the boat and simply start walking. He NEEDED God to give him the WORD. He said, “Lord, if it’s you, BID ME COME.”

Jesus said, “Come.”

It was the WORD that proceeded out of the Mouth of God that kept Peter’s feet from SINKING. The Word of God had the power to help him keep walking on water. Even during these troubled times, what will keep us from sinking is the Spoken WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God. (Ref Mathew 4:4)

A man of God had a dream where he saw thousands of fish teeming in a lake waiting to be caught. As he kept walking, he saw that one or two fish were caught afresh but left on the banks of the lake without anyone to attend to it. As he kept walking further, he saw a huge bear come out of the forest nearby, to devour the man of God.

Just then he heard the voice of the Lord speak to Him and say, “Jump into the lake.” So he jumped into the lake and kept swimming on the surface. The bear jumped in too, and began chasing him. So the Lord spoke again and said, “Go deeper and stay there.” So the man of God swam deeper and sat on the bed of the Lake. As he sat there, he asked the Lord, “Lord how can I live here?” The Lord said to him, “I will keep you alive.”

When he woke up from the dream, the Lord taught him that the church needs to IMMERSE herself in the WORD, and not just be shallow in her knowledge of the Word. We need revelation. We need to be on our KNEES. And the Lord will be FAITHFUL to carry us through the storms.

The Lake was a representation of the WORD and the teeming fishes were a representation of His PROMISES. The fishes that were caught and left unattended was a representation of the lack of interest in God’s promises. The bear represented the turbulent days ahead.

Just as the Word of God held Peter’s feet firm, the Word of the Living God will also carry us through every single storm, just as He has carried us thus far, ALL OUR lives.

Just as Salvation for Israel came out of the Waters, (So she called his name Moses, saying, “Because I drew him out of the water.” Exodus 2:10) so shall our Salvation in these days come forth from the Living Water – the WORD.

“The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry;” Psalm 34:15.

Not the faintest cry of our hearts will escape his ears! Be of good courage, and let the Living Word, Christ Jesus, carry us through!!!

Blessed DAYS Ahead!!!





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