Jeev šŸ’•

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, ” James 1:17
This was the verse that went on our wedding card…. when I barely knew my husband. Twelve years later, I see the truth in it more and more as the years roll by.
Hands down, Jeev is one of the Best gifts I have received from the hands of my God!Ā 
About 13 years ago when my parents started looking out for a groom for me, there was one particular proposal which seemed good to all of us in the family. But when we sought God in prayer, the Lord said that He was bringing another, far better, who would be His perfect choice for me.
And when Jeev’s proposal came in, God spoke to Mummy, “This is the one”.
Looking back over the twelve years, He has been that silent voice of encouragement in everything I have done. When he first learned that I write, (I used to send my monthly thoughts through e-mail back then) he encouraged me to start a blog. I had no clue what a Blog was! The Word ‘Blog’ was something that he introduced to me. And by the grace of God, I have been blogging for over 10 years now, a platform where I share my personal journey with Jesus.
Jeev got me my first keyboard and my first guitar after learning of my love for Music. Not knowing to even strike a single chord, I started afresh on both these instruments. Today, If I can manage to strike some decent chords and make music, I think I owe much thanks to him.
“Sugam Belan” on my album Kanden is a song I composed on the Keyboard!! The song talks about how even when there are no medications for the new diseases that overtake this World, there is cure for everything at the foot of the Cross. What a Hope in the Blood of the Lamb, especially during this time when fears of the Coronavirus is at its peak!
When God compliments someone, it is usually not based on any external characteristics. It is usually based on the make-up of the heart. To think that God saw this man’s heart even before I would begin to discover it and thought that he was the right one for me, makes me stand in awe at the wisdom of our God.
There have been many times when after church is over, when all of us are still chatting or catching up with the weeks news, Jeev would quietly step to the back of the church and grab the mop and begin cleaning up. Many of my friends would walk up to me and say, “Varna, Jeev Annan, Chancey illa!!!”. Actually so many of my friends in St Louis have said that!! An incredible husband, a genuine friend and a loving Dad to his kids!Ā  I’m so, so proud that God chose for the two of us to walk together!!!
Of course Time wouldn’t suffice to go into the incredible support he has been in my journey as a Mother, as a Writer, or as a Musician. Of course being a Mom has been the toughest, I confess. When I break down, he would gently hold my hands and say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine”.
While it is true that God brought us together, that doesn’t mean all has been perfect! Of course we have had our bad days/phases as well. But, I think we all agree that marriage is an incredible journey where we learn each other’s weaknesses and we learn to love them even through it. We learn to pick each other up when one of us falls down!!!
This month of February as Love is celebrated across the Globe, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my better half for all the loving support he has given me through the years! And in the years to come, together, we look forward to discovering all that God has planned and purposed for us as Man and wife!!!

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