A little lesson I learned on my Birthday!

December 31st we had watch-night service at our church and so by the time we got back home and hit the bed, it was really, really late!
On 1st January, I  was awakened suddenly in the early hours of the dawn and was pretty wide awake! I really felt fresh awake, while all my family was sound asleep.
Since it was my birthday, I just thought I’ll spend some time worshipping and praying. If it was any other day, I doubt if I would have done it! But as I began to pray, I could sense the presence of the Lord, almost like you JUST DON’T want to leave that place of Worship!
After sometime, when I was done praying, I quietly asked the Lord, “Lord, is there anything you want to speak to me?” I just felt an impression to read 1 Peter chapter 1. As I began reading, the scriptures burned and settled like fire in my heart. I had been asking God certain specific things and as I kept reading, I was gaining more clarity in those areas.
I know I had fellowship with the Lord, because what do you think is the odds of your Pastor preaching from 1 Peter chapter 1 the next day at church? When Pastor Clive preached out of 1 Peter chapter 1 on New year’s day, all I could say was, “Thank you Jesus, for even remembering a wretch like me.”
The reason I share this story is coz’ almost ALL of us have been awakened suddenly in the early hours of the Dawn, perhaps many, many times in our lives. But most of the time we are either too naiive to discern that it could be the Lord, or simply that we are a little too lazy! I fall under category 2, most times, I confess.
Give it a thought. How many times, you and I have missed opportunities to have a conversation with Jesus when He gently nudged us, and instead just went on with our business anyways!!!
There is something about the stillness of the night. When your bridegroom comes and calls you, there are perhaps some secrets He wants to share with you! Don’t roll over to the other side, instead Hold his hands and step aside with Him and when He begins to talk, you may perhaps NOT want to retire to bed again, anyways!!!
“My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.” Song of Solomon 2:10.
Church, our bridegroom is coming soon. Very, very soon! Are we watching and waiting?? Are we building a relationship with our Maker? Do give it a thought!!!
When everything fades away…. friends, family, fame, name, wealth and power… only one thing remains…That’s your relationship with Jesus!
Happy Harvest and a Blessed year ahead!!!

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  1. Vanitha says:

    Ur thinking about Jesus is great,Now ur scriptures burned like a fire in my heart

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