The $2000 CARPET story!!!

This story touched me deeply and I thought I’ll share it with you guys. I heard this in a sermon.

A man of God was staying in a pastor friends house who were extremely generous with their giving to the missions. They deprived themselves of any kind of luxury and gave any extra money that came in, towards building the kingdom of God. Their house was in a bad shape and the carpets were so torn down, that their daughter gave $2000 to change the carpets in their home, coz it was just too bad. That noon they got a call from a dear friend of theirs who shared about the financial need to finish building a church. During lunch time, when they all sat down for lunch, the wife shared about the financial need to finish up the church, to her husband and suggested that they send the carpet money to them right away. The husband responded, “Oh Honey, do you even need to ask me?”… “send it soon”!!! The man of God witnessed all this first hand.

After a while the man of God had an experience where he was caught up to heaven. He was shown the mansions of several godly men and women of God. Some were in the process of being built, some were half done, and the angels were busy building the mansions for the children of God. When he came to one building he was awestruck by its beauty because the house was built by precious stones that the earth had not seen!!! The Lord told this man that this was the mansion of that pastors wife. And the Lord drew his attention to one particular stone and spoke to the man of God. This one is for the sacrifice that they made to finish building my church. The man of God understood how precious that earthly sacrifice was, in the EYES OF GOD.

When we talk of sacrifices and faithfulness, I can’t help but think of women. Even the bible talks of two women whose sacrificial worship was so precious to the eyes of God. Remember the old woman who put in everything?? She gave ALL THAT SHE HAD!!!! And the woman who anoints the Lord with an expensive perfume. All the disciples rebuked her…. but Jesus defends her saying that what she had done was a ‘good thing’. Whether we provide for our family sacrificially or give to the Lord our best, our loving Lord Jesus is watching!!!

The LORD rewards everyone for their righteousness and faithfulness 1 Samuel 26:23

Another thing about faithfulness that I believe touches the heart of God is the kind, when we keep doing what we are doing even though we get no applause from a crowd or a word of encouragement from anybody!!! Housewives, Home-makers!!! Take note!!! No 1….Our job is not a paying one!!! No 2…. there is No accountability!!! And that makes it all the more difficult for us to be ‘faithful’ at it!!! But when we do our ‘roles’ with utmost faithfulness to God, even that is a work that will be rewarded!!!

God rewards the faithful. Whatever job you do… whether it is caring for your home, raising kids, your office work, sharing the gospel, caring for the poor and needy, praying for the needs of others… whatever it is that you do…. remember ONE thing… FAITHFULNESS HAS ITS REWARD IN THE END.  Women are extremely precious in the eyes of God Almighty. Let the angels of the Lord keep us all protected from the eyes of evil men. Blessed day y’all!!!




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  1. Rosy says:

    Hi var….!!

    Good one..) Giving is a character…!!!👍 it is not decided based on one s surplus or just enough situation.

    Regards Rosy

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    1. Rightly said, Rose!!! Usually when it pinches us to any degree, we tend to cut back on the ‘giving’!! But though it pinched the above mentioned characters, they did it anyway!!!! That’s the beauty in this whole thing!!!

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