But, Why????

Jesus was God in flesh. He loved and had compassion on all people. But He also had some people to whom He was close to and loved very dearly. In John 11, the Holy Spirit mentions three people whom Jesus dearly loved. Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus. (John 11:5).

Now Lazarus was beginning to get sick. Initially maybe the sickness started off really mild…. but little by little the sickness began to get worse…. Those were days when they didn’t have equipments to have an accurate diagnosis. They treated the ailments with the help of the local physicians as best seemed to them. The sickness for Lazarus was building up….. and now he is probably near death point. The medicines have not worked….. and the healers have failed!!! Jesus was their only Hope!!! And so they sent word to Jesus who was ministering in a nearby town.

Now Jesus was a popular preacher by then. People thronged to Him from everywhere. People just wanted to have a glimpse of Him. People just wanted to touch Him. They wanted to hear His life giving words. Jesus was really really busy with His ministry. It was at ‘this’ time, when Jesus was at His peak in ministry, that the sisters sent word to Jesus…. that their brother Lazarus was sick.

Having full confidence in their friendship with Jesus, Mary and Martha would have expected Jesus to have come right away. If it were me, that was what I would have expected Jesus to do!!! But days were passing by and Lazarus was getting worse. Can u imagine the emotions the sisters must have felt???? They must have been in an emotional turmoil thinking day and night about their brother…… and they must have ‘wondered’ why Jesus ignored the word that they sent to Him!!! Didn’t Jesus care??? Didn’t Jesus love them anymore like He used to??? Has He become too busy??? And then they probably heard people talking behind their backs…. “Jesus is a big prophet to all Israel…. how will He come here just for this one man Lazarus…???”

When all of these questions were running on the minds of the sisters, the inevitable happens…. Lazarus dies. The sisters were broken. On one side they felt forgotten by God…. and on the other side they were grieving the loss of their brother. Hours and days went by…. four days had passed by. Then comes Jesus to the town of Mary, Martha and Lazarus…..

Martha runs to Jesus….. and after a little while Mary runs too. Jesus sees Mary weeping…. He understood those tears fully well. They were tears of helplessness, hopelessness….. it said, “Lord…. I trusted you… BUT, WHY did you let me down…????” Much like what we feel sometimes right???? But Mary…. Martha….. you still have no idea what Jesus is going to do for you!!! Something that He doesn’t do for everybody!!! Some special miracles are reserved ONLY for some of His cherished, special ones!!!! And take heart….. you are still in His Cherished peoples list!!!

And yes Indeed!!! Lazarus was raised from the dead!!! Jesus silenced the talk of all the people….. who questioned God’s love for this family!!! Despite facing threats for His own life in this particular town where Mary and Martha lived (John 11:8), Jesus came over, for just that ONE MAN Lazarus, God’s friend!!!

Do you feel forgotten??? Do you have BUT, WHY questions???? Take heart, you are always remembered….. even in the midst of the multitudes, His thoughts are about YOU!!! All that He says to you is this:

“Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40


Believe, and Have a fantastic week guys!!!


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  1. John Jayaseelan says:

    Yes we need to have Faith in God..!!

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