2012 closed with the Delhi Episode. What about 2013?

You and I are stepping into yet another New Year. Of course with new Hopes, bigger Dreams and brighter Tomorrows. We closed 2012 with many-a-tears. Some of us at a personal level but more so at the national level, where the entire country of India mourned the death of a 23 year old girl who became a victim of gang-rape and died of the same. This case was known to the media, but we cannot ignore the fact that there are several other cases, unreported and yet dying everyday. Where is this world headed?

Furious of this whole incidednt, as I read the news, I asked my husband, “If you were the judge to give the verdict, what will be your judgement, to these men.” As usual he tried to get my mind on this first. I said, “All of them must be shot dead.” He said, “Christians are usually not for Capital punishment.” I was rather stunned. I asked him again. “What would ‘you’ do if you were the judge?” He said, “I would ban alcohol.” And went on to say that one of the guys felt so guilty that he kept pleading to be hung. The effect that alcohol can have on the human body and mind!!! Unbelievable! And yet the rich and the poor, gorge on this poison. The rich, under the banner of ‘Style’…. and the poor under the excuse of ‘Forget my pain tentatively’. Where is this world headed?

I usually love to read the comments that people leave at the end of every article on popular web blogs such as NDTV blog or CNN blog, coz you can kinda get a perspective of the thoughts that run in the minds of people. At the end of this particular article, of the rape incident, were several comments…. but one comment read thus: “God, Where are you, If at all you are there.” Ah! Suddenly, Where did God come into the Picture!!!

India used to be a country of family values. India used to be a country of respect, for the older and the wiser. India used to be a country of safety. I see none of this anymore. The clothing has changed, more skin seen and all of this: ‘family girls’. It has been ages since I have seen a comedy clip with decent humor, n’ there’s so much of vulgarity and violence in our Indian movies, that sometimes I feel they even beat the ones here!!! We have meticulously removed good completely out of the frame, and replaced them with every kind of evil. What else do we expect n’ How dare we even ask ‘Where God is’!!!

Needless to say, we are living in days where we are surrounded by evil. And this New year, 2013 can well be filled with evil and perhaps only more. But you and I have a place of refuge. We live in times when the Society won’t step in to help you, the media will only strip you bare, and people may leave us wounded and dying, but PRAISE GOD we have a GOD WHO CARES!!!!

“The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,” Nahum 1:7

Without JESUS, 2013 will only be emptier and void of any Hope. But with JESUS…. people…. you are looking into a future filled with Hope, Joy and Love…. something that ONLY God can give!!!

Blessed 2013 to all!!!



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