God’s promises are Always Kept!

This season is the best time of the year n I’m sure many will agree with me on that. The decorations, the carols,the gifts, the star, the snow, the murukkus, the biriyani, the family, the friends, n’ on the whole it is oodles of fun! A festival which is celebrated across religions and countries. Christmas is truly special!

I was just thinking…. Why is this festival so special to us? There are many reasons that we do know….. but there is one particular reason which captured my attention. The First Christmas day, was the day when a miraculous event took place. Words cannot explain it. Minds cannot comprehend it. But History proves it n’ we believe it!

The ‘invisible’ Word of God, took the form of ‘visible’ flesh. The Word of God which cannot be seen, or touched, or felt, became visible in the form of a baby and lived to make atonement for your sins and mine. That was a profound miracle of God!!!

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God……. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” John1:1,14

The coming of this Savior into the World was prophesied from time began. Abraham prophesied about it, Isaiah prophesied about it… David, Hosea… and the list of prophecies concerning the birth of this Messiah, is endless. And all the prophecies that were spoken many many years before, were fulfilled on that first Christmas day. The promises of God, spoken through the prophets were fulfilled on that first Christmas day.

Has God given promises to you? I pray that the words that God has spoken to you may take on the form of flesh and may you see your promises being fulfilled, this joyous Christmas Season.

The World says, “Seeing is believing”, but Faith says, “Believe and you will see”. God always demands Faith first. And when we believe, our eyes will see what God has promised. Our GOD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES. He never fails…. no…. NEVER!!! Have a Blessed and a Joyous Christmas Season!!

A very Merry Christmas to all!!!


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  1. chris george says:



    1. Chris, Thanks much. Christmas Love and New Year blessings to your family too!!! 🙂

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