With every turn of the wheel

Bethel AG International worship center, Bangalore, 11:am, July 2006, Sunday morning: God was about to speak something to me that would change my LIFE.  I remember my pastor’s sermon word to word! The sermon that made me take a drastic decision! The sermon that I will remember till I die! The sermon which I still refer to, when I have to make decisions! The Sermon which I will pass on to my children! The sermon that taught me the importance of submitting to God’s will!

My pastor, Rev Johnson Varghese’s sermon was about God being the Potter and us being the clay. When the potter works on the clay, sure it is going to be painful, but with every turn of the wheel, the product is gathering shape. And all the while, the duty of the clay is to simply trust for a beautiful shape in the hands of the potter. Coz, surely the Potter has the best interest of the clay, in mind.

One of the toughest prayers for me  has always been, “Not my will but your’s be done”. I remember the instances when I actually prayed that prayer. A crushing happens that words can never explain. To give up all your dreams and desires and wishes AWAY is plainly painful. The Bible says,

“Now faith is ………………… assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

The hands that was pierced for our sins are the same hands that are molding us now. JESUS who did not hold His life back from us, so that we may be set free from our sins, surely has a purpose behind everything He allows in our lives. When all we see is a boring white shell on the outside, we will soon see the life that was being formed on the inside, all through the time. Blessed, blessed assurance, JESUS IS MINE!!!

Take heart, God is on the JOB!!!

Have a fabulous month ahead!!!


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  1. Anu says:

    awesome testimony…

    1. Anu, you so sound like my cousin Rajan. He has four words in his dictionary. Cool…., awesome….., epic….. chilled out…. !!! 😀

      Thanks gal, btw!!!

  2. Giftson says:

    amazing post akka… reflected back such emotional and painful moments in LIFE… but turning back now to see it is so Glorious.. thank God i trusted HIM wholeheartedly and obeyed to HIS will..

    1. True……… true Giffy!!!

      Ask Rosy about that message………. she will tell you abt that message too!!! That was one fiery msg by Pastor J!!! 🙂

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