Geetha Arthi (1983-2009)

First of all, Wish you all a very Happy valentine’s day!!!

This is a happy event for many of us. But for some women that might not be the case.  This post is dedicated to my friend Geetha Arthi who committed suicide on account of dowry torture, a couple of years ago.

Today, she is no more. But Oh! How I wish she were alive. Recently when I was seeking the Lord about a personal reason, the Lord said this to me. “When ‘you’ desire to come close to me, how in the world will I turn you away”!!! That offered a world of comfort to my soul. By the grace of God, I have a loving husband, in-laws and a loving home. But sure, there are things in my Life that I can share it with NONE!!! Not even my Mom, Dad, brother or husband!!! Those are the times when I look up to Heaven for a comforting word and a re-assuring embrace. If only our hearts can find our security in Jesus, precious souls such as my friend Geetha Arthi, would not be lost.

This time of the year, I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage hurting hearts and tell you that JESUS CARES. When you go to Him, He will NEVER NEVER NEVER push you away. That’s a promise!!!

“Come near to God and he will come near to you.” James 4:8

When the world seems cold and your friends seem few,
There is someone who cares for you;
When you’ve tears in your eyes, your heart bleeds inside,
There is someone who cares for you.

Someone to care, someone to share,
All your troubles like no other can do;
He’ll come down from the skies, brush the tears from your eyes,
You’re His child and He cares for you.

Remember those who are hurting this valentine’s day and be a channel of Love in their lives!!!

Happy valentine’s day once again!!!

Have a fabulous month ahead!!!


About Varna Jeevagarajan

Hi there, I'm Varna Jeevagarajan. Originally from Chennai, but currently living in Saint Louis, US. Have been married to Tagore Jeevagarajan and blessed with two precious kids!!! Well, to say a little about myself.... I adore Jesus. And I enjoy writing! Put both together, and you get a blog that talks about my experiences with the Lord Jesus. I enjoy music and singing as well. And God has been gracious and enabled me to come out with an album called 'kanden'. I truly believe that every talent, small or great, ought to be used for magnifying and exalting His name and drawing the ends of the Earth to His throne!!! My blog and my musical talents are my little contributions!!! Hope that my music and my blog will bring Joy and Hope to your heart and bless your soul!!! Thanks for visiting, Varna Jeevagarajan
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12 Responses to Geetha Arthi (1983-2009)

  1. Anu says:

    lovely message Varna..

  2. Niranjana says:

    Very touchy and so true…

  3. Rebecca Joseph says:

    Gud one de………..God is good all the time

  4. sridevi says:

    hi varna,
    indhu here if u remember geetha’s sister…dad,mom and me weren’t able to sleep the whole night after we saw ur blog…we were trying to google geetha yesterday and thats how we found this,,,im so happy that still ther are so many hearts thinking of our angel…take care.

  5. Sukumari Narayanaswamy says:

    God bls yu and ur family. . . Geetha Aarthi’s family. . .

  6. Sukumari Narayanaswamy says:

    Thank yu da chellam.. Geetha Aarthis father, Mother and younger sister ..

    • Dear Aunty, I’m greatly excited to hear from you all!!! I thank the Lord for bringing us in touch through this blog.

      God aches with you aunty, as you ache for your precious little daughter….. Lean onto His loving arms and may He restore Joy to your family in double measure.

      Much love,

    • Sudha Seetharaman says:

      Hello aunty…

      This is Sudha. Geetha’s friend. How are you aunty?


  7. Sudha Seetharaman says:

    Hello aunty ,

    I am fine. I remember about Geetha a lot . Hope you feel better aunty.

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