Happy mothers day!!!

When you were two, She was the most familiar person that you knew…. You smiled at her, refused to leave her side and simply clung to her. Does that mean you “loved her”??… When you were twelve, she drove you to do your homework (which cud have made you mad!), cooked for you, and did everything for you. Did you love her then??… When you were twenty, she still faithfully did everything for you… And that’s when you begin to get it!!! That’s when you begin to understand all the sacrifices she has made for you……….. and THAT’S when you truly begin to appreciate her and LOVE her.

Truly speaking I think I love my Mom today more than anytime in my Life. I remember the days when I was a stubborn youth. I remember the nights when my mom used to kneel by my bedside and silently pray with tears. I remember the times when my Mom used to sacrifice her share of yummy foods for me and my brother to enjoy. Her sacrifices…. I appreciate them today than then!!! I understand them today than then!!! God bless her I cry with all my heart for the Mom that she has been to me…

In a way, our love for God is pretty much the same. We cannot Love God if we do not understand the sacrifice He has made for us. When we understand it, we cannot help but LOVE Him and ADORE Him.

Jesus paid it all
All to Him I owe
Sin hath left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow

–          Elvina Hall, 1865

Happy mothers Day to all Mothers!!! Remember, your child may not be able to understand your sacrifices that you make, today. But your every action is sure to be remembered when they are grown up. So be encouraged and keep going!!!

God bless you all!!! Happy Mothers day once again!!!


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  1. Sonika says:

    very touching… n its true…

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