My Director’s little pep talk!

I enjoy my work. The main reason is because I get to meet people from a variety of countries, cultures, religion and profession.

When the Afghanistan episode happened, I got to meet two Afghan women who detailed to me the local situation back in their home country. When the Srilankan inflation struck the country (and is still ongoing), I enquired about the local situation with a fellow co-worker who is a Srilankan. A couple of days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a local cop who was also an ex-serviceman. Interesting people at every turn!!!

However, I’m not too good with money matters – especially when people miss paying their dues. Whenever someone misses paying their amount, there is an additional fee that is charged to their account which people are usually NOT happy about. I always try to ask my director if their additional fee can be waived off. Sometimes I want to request my director to waive off their additional fee out of compassion, but sometimes out of fear of any unwanted confrontation from a member. (“Edhukku paaa Vambu…”)

About a year ago, one morning, my director gave me a little pep talk…”Varna, we got to run our organization too. We can’t waive off EVERY additional fee from EVERY member, because we incur a back-end service fee too!!! She kinda knew I was partly being kind…and partly afraid. I just don’t know how she read me!!!

Then she said, ” If any member confronts you, remember I’ve always got your back. I will never let you down before members. My team is more important to me and if you say something to members and you came to me and told me what you told them, I will stick up FOR YOU.. So don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”

After that, for some strange reason, I was a bit more confident when talking to members about their dues. Her, explicitly telling me that she will stand up FOR me, gave me a sense of confidence.

This morning during my quiet time, I came across this scripture in the psalms:

This I know, because God is for me.” Psalm 56:9

As I was just reflecting on this scripture, suddenly my director’s pep talk flashed across my mind.

“I will stick up FOR you……”

Many-a-times, even as sons and daughters, we mess up. We think we know to make the right decisions and make some really foolish and unwise decisions, just like the prodigal. It is only when things start taking a turn for the worse, we realize how far away from our Father we have actually strayed.

Here’s the beauty of it all. No matter how far away we have strayed, and how deep one has entangled in sin, we can always TURN BACK to the loving arms of Jesus!! He’s a good good Father!

Let those words ring again.

“God is FOR me…”

Even if all the armies of the World stand against you, remember, JESUS is FOR you! He is FOR you!! He will NEVER let you down!! If the words of my director can give me confidence, how MUCH MORE should the words of our God give you and me??

“If God be FOR us, who can stand against us?” Rom 8:31

Blessed week ahead!


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