Quick thoughts:Via Dolorosa

“Surely, He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows;” Isaiah 53:4.

Jesus was beaten and whipped beyond recognition. Bleeding and full of pain, he carried the Cross to the place where he would be crucified. What gave him the strength to endure the walk that led up to the Hill?

Every step that he took, he must have had you and me in mind. Just as a mother in labor, has the face of the child in mind as she endures her pain, so did Christ our Lord! HE endured the pain, to bring Joy to our broken lives! The LOVE of God, so RICH, so MEASURELESS!

“Nothing that you do, can make him love you more,

Nothing that you’ve done, can make him close the door,

Because of His great Love,He gave His only Son,

And everything was done, so you would COME

COME to the Father…”

– Hillsong Worship

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you for giving up your Son to be wounded and crushed, that we may have Joy Everlasting. Your name be glorified through us. In Jesus name.



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