The $14.48 water bottle story

Last Friday I took the kiddos to Walmart to quickly grab a couple of things for the week. Jeev was off to Chicago to drop my in-laws at the airport. So, it was just me and the kids.

Jaden has been telling me for quite a while now that his water bottle that he currently uses, is not sufficient enough to hold water to last through the whole school-day. So I’ve been wanting to buy a bigger one, but somehow we had been putting it off.

On Friday when we were at Walmart, we happened to cross the water bottle section, and I just thought I’ll go ahead and grab one. After browsing through a couple of colors, Jaden picked a beautiful ink-blue one. Actually there was only one piece of it left.

Off we went to bill. I’m not a big fan of this self checkout business. But now, since all counters are changed to self checkout ones, I had no choice.

One by one we scanned the items and of course I scanned the water bottle and placed it in the bag. I paid for everything and took the bags and left.

On Monday morning, when I was getting the kiddos ready for school, I thought I’ll fill the new water bottle for Jaden. I looked around for the bag and could find nothing. I thought I perhaps would have left it in the car, and so I went to the car and checked everywhere. Not to be found. That’s when I realized, I had left it back in the counter itself, by the billing area.

Boy! I felt miserable. Coz the bottle was an insulated one and it was $14.48. I had no idea what I was going to tell Jeev. He is pretty strict with handling money n’ stuff. So I didn’t tell him for 2 whole days.

I was overly certain that there was no way I’m going to get the bottle back.

After much self-thought, I decided to go to Walmart with the receipt and check with lost and found.

On Wednesday, after dropping the kiddos at school, I picked up the receipt and drove to Walmart with very very little hope. I didn’t even pray, coz I think I thought it was impossible with a capital ‘I’ to find it. I would say that I went to the lost n found, only to tell Jeev that I ‘DID’ try my best to find it!

I enquired a Walmart employee where the lost and found was, and she directed me to the Customer service. So, I slowly walked up to the lady at the counter and told her that I bought a bottle last week, and I missed it at the billing section and I had the receipt to show that I paid for it.

The lady replied, “Alright, go get another one and bring it to me.” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I asked her 3 times until she evidently looked annoyed with my repetitive question.

I couldn’t believe that she would actually just let me TAKE another one! Thank goodness you didn’t witness my reaction, firsthand. I probably looked like a 3 year old, in that moment!


It was as simple as that!

Have you ever thought about the verb “Ask”? I would say it is the most simple verb. Simplest action ever. I’m doubtful if there is anything more simpler than simply ‘asking’. Yet, we complicate it so much and give 101 reasons why we shouldn’t! Yet, it’s so simple that even a child could do it!

Jesus taught, “Ask and it will be given to you;” Matthew 7:7

Don’t complicate it. Jesus is not a complicated God. He is as simple as simple can be. Do you want him to heal you? ASK him. Do you want Him to be your friend? ASK Him. Do you need help with Math? ASK Him. Do you need help with a recipe? ASK him. Do you want to understand the scriptures? Simply ASK him.

It’s as simple as that!

Simply ASK and you will be blown away by how sweetly the answer comes to you!

“For everyone who asks, receives.” Matthew 7:8

Blessed month ahead!


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  1. Rublin Aneez says:

    So true! Many a times I think of what would be the solution or what I can do to solve this?! Instead of asking Jesus first. If nothing works out, I will go to him. In-between that time fear coming and started ruling. So better go to his feet first without thinking anything! Thank you for the wonderful thoughts Varna 🎉 keep going 👍

    1. True Bini. I think all of us do that. After we have perfected messing things up, we slowly approach the Lord. Yet, He is so gentle and loving, and shows us a beautiful way. God is good, all the time. No one like Jesus. 🙂

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