Judah first!

For every one of us there is a landmark scripture in the Word, which we connect with in a special way, Don’t we? What is your scripture that you connect with, in a special way, between you and your God?

I have a couple of them which has been that ‘special Word’, and each of them differ at different seasons of my life!

One of the scriptures that came alive to me a few days ago was just two words from Judges 20:18.

“Judah first.”

When the children of Israel inquired of the LORD as to who (which tribe) should go out to battle first, the LORD replied, “Judah first”.

The Name Judah means “Praise”.

I have often wondered as to Why ‘Praise’ was so significant that God chose to teach us so much about the power of Praise through the mouth of His mighty warriors, including King David!

Surely there must be something! God surely doesn’t tell the saints to Praise Him so that He can have the pre-eminence! For sure No! Then Why did mighty men such as King David say thus:

“I will bless the LORD at all times His Praise shall continually be in my lips.” Psalm 34:1.

The reason was perhaps he was ‘continually’ in battle. And one of the reasons God had King David fight a myriad of battles, is because He wanted to teach King David the spiritual battle strategies to disarm the enemies of the LORD.

If you and I are true to ourselves we will agree that it is during battles that we draw near to our God the most. And when we draw near to Him, He reveals His secrets to the heart that is hungry for Him. That is how David fought his battles. He understood the ‘power of Praise.’

He praised God continually. When He had victories, he praised Him. When he was chased by Saul, He praised Him. When his wife shamed him, He praised Him, when the ladies sang “Saul slew his thousands but David His ten thousands”, He praised Him.”

In every season of His life, King David kept “Judah first!”.

Have you ever been in a place where your mind is bombarded with negative thoughts? You feel like you can’t possibly be in a more worse situation than this? How did you get over that circumstance?

Personally I usually read the scriptures out loud, or as much as I might not feel like doing it, I usually do “Judah first”. “Praise Him first.”

Describe How great He is! How Good He is! How He always works out everything for our good all the time. In every defeat there is a purpose and in every victory He is Glorified! Always …always, “Judah first”.

This evening after finishing up with lunch for the kids, I sat down to rest a while. I suddenly remembered a scripture.

“He hangs the earth on nothing.” Job 26:7.

His Mighty Power has suspended the Earth on empty space! Nothing to hold it in place! I just couldn’t wrap my mind around that incredible great power!

Just this one scripture would suffice to meditate on His Excellent Greatness! And yet…a few verses down the line it says, “these are the mere edges of His ways..” Job 26:14.

To think that this great God is My Father and yours, is unfathomable…yet true! Nothing is impossible for Him!

தேவரீர் சகலத்தையும் செய்ய வல்லவர்; நீர் செய்ய நினைத்தது தடைபடாது. யோபு 42:2.

(“I Know That You Can Do All Things; No Plan Of Yours Can Be Thwarted. Job 42:2)

Take heart! In your highs, in your lows; in your summers and in your winters; in your mountains and in your valleys, always “Judah first- Praise Him first”. He is Worthy! He alone is Worthy!

Blessed day!


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  1. I hope I – Judah – am the first to comment! Nice interpretation Varna, God bless 🙏

    1. Thank you Judah Uncle! 🎶

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