His Word in my Heart

Sometime ago, I was just taken aback by the plethora of the gospel message that is available through the internet. I mean, it is just so overwhelming. It seems almost impossible that one who has access to the internet, has not heard of the gospel message, by now. Tons and tons of evangelism going on out there. In my own life, there has been times when God would speak something in the quiet place and I can’t count the number of times that the exact same verse or a related message would pop up on YouTube or someone would post the same Verse on Facebook.

I was just wondering at this abundance of wealth of scriptural expositions available at the click of a button. We have far more than what Abraham had, David or Daniel had…and yet we aren’t half as close to God as they were!

Well, moving on… As I was just thinking and wondering about this, one of the scriptures that the was highlighted during my quiet time was this verse from John 9:4.

“I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”

The scripture is self explanatory. Jesus said that as long as it is day, we must be busy with His work. The reason being, there is coming a time, when doors will be shut completely to the gospel. That’s a time when none of us can work.

Whether we are able to see it or not, we are in a season of abundance. Like the 7 years of exceeding abundance during Joseph’s time. But, know for sure, that the night is coming when there is going to be a famine of the Word. The Worst form of famine for the Christian.

So heres our way of preparing for the famine. We must take extra hours to feed on the Word and store up the scriptures in our hearts, that at the right time, the Spirit of God will draw it out and remind us of His promises. Just like we’ve heard in China, where the pastors gave one page each to the congregation members to memorize. N when the underground church met, they drew it out from their memory storehouse. Memorize scriptures. I should too. I’ve not been doing that, but I’m determined to start.

When my son was about 3 years old, we had to walk the valley of tears due to certain problems that he faced. We had to get him on a strict diet, had to cut dairy and a whole load of other stuff. For almost a year I was afraid of giving him the wrong food. Jeev n I would look label after label, to make sure there was no gluten, and I would endlessly google to find the right food for him. This fear …. this fear was something words can’t explain. I was afraid of all foods at one point. I spent night and day fasting, seeking God.

I remember one afternoon as I was cutting beans in the kitchen, the house was quiet, Jeev was at work, Jaden at preschool. In that still moment when my heart was in anguish and me in a state of despair to say the least…in that still moment suddenly, a scripture came to my remembrance.

“I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my FEARS.” Psalm 34:4

I cant explain it, but that moment ALL my fears vanished into thin air. I was never afraid one bit after that with regards to food. I give him pretty much everything and that without FEAR. My deliverance came that day through the WORD.

If we understood John 1:1 well, “the WORD WAS GOD”, I think we will be spending more time getting God inside of us and letting Him overflow out of us than anything else!

Folks, sure enough, there is NO denying that we are in a time of abundance. But as People who are aware that the night is coming, we must be more diligent to get the WORD/GOD in us, that the Spirit may draw it out of us at the time of our need.

Let your Cup overflow! Blessed April ahead!


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