A ‘Certain Man’.

I don’t think there could be anyone who is not enthralled by the story of Joseph. I always have been and always will be. I think we all love Joseph because at some point in our own lives, we’ve been through similar situations and we drew our Strength, from the God of Joseph. We silently believed, the God who was faithful to keep His promises to Joseph, will also be faithful to keep His promises to me!!

We all know the story. The story of the boy who woke up as Daddy’s little Rockstar, took a complete turn, before dusk that night. What a difference a single day can make!!

There were a couple of details, which I felt was interesting. When his father sent Joseph to just see if his brothers were doing okay, the 17 year old boy, didn’t know exactly where they were, and so he wandered in the wilderness. Genesis 37 verse 15 says, “Now a certain man found him….” And the man gives Joseph the exact location of where his brothers were! Dothan, he says!

Had the ‘certain’ man not been there, would we have had a Joseph story to read? Perhaps he would have searched a couple of days for his brothers and when he didn’t find them, he would have returned back to being Daddy’s little Rockstar! But the Man there, was purposefully placed. It was a ‘Certain Man’. Meaning, God’s Sovereign plan WAS already at work!

When my brother Binil had finished his undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, we were all anxious and praying for God’s will to be fulfilled as he was looking to pursue Masters in Engineering as well. We were kind of looking at things that had a good scope for the future and doing our bit of research. On the day of the Counseling (in India, students have to go through a formal route called counseling, where students will be placed in colleges according to their area of interest and availability of seats). Just before Binil went inside, there was an elderly woman who stood there and suggested Binil to pick a new Subject, something that we, in our limited wisdom would have never given that subject, a thought. But this elderly woman, suggested that he pick this group and that it would have a great scope in the future. He heeded that woman’s counsel, and requested that particular group when he went for counseling. He got it without a hitch and was later recruited by one of the best FMCG corporations in India in his same line of study. Until today, that is his area of specialisation. We often look back at that time and marvel at the perfect counsel at the right time, in Binil’s life. Just as Joseph had a ‘certain Man’ to show him the way, my brother had a ‘certain elderly woman’ to guide him for that moment. And God does that in all of our lives. His hands that took the nails, still leads the way!!

Moving on, in Joseph’s case, it seemed too similar to the time when Jesus was led by the Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Meaning, it was God ordained. No one can escape such God-ordained tests. Every one of us will face such tests in this journey of Life.

The Next was the Pit. When they threw the young teen into the pit, what do you think would have been the natural instinct? To Somehow try to escape, right? As I visualize the scene, I see Joseph scrambling on the rugged surfaces of the pit, desperately hoping for a way out. But every effort was in vain, as he slid right back to the bottom of the pit.

The Pit had a Sovereign role to play as well. If the Pit had a Mouth, this is what it would have told Joseph: “Joseph, If it was God who brought you down to me, Only HE can get you out.” It took 15 years for Joseph to learn that lesson. And it sure does take all of us several years to learn that lesson, too.

We try in vain to scramble our way up to the top and escape, but before too long our feet slip and we fall right back into the pit with a thud! Hold on, we are going through God’s refining process. Soon we will be out of every form of Pit in our lives and when we do, we will shine forth as Gold – Gold, meaning the character of Christ Himself.

And after all those years of being bound by chains and false accusations and betrayal by own brothers, the light finally dawned. The one who woke up that morning as a slave, went to bed that night as a Prince! What a difference a single day can make! Only…ONLY GOD can make that difference.

Nations would have heard the story of Joseph. People who came hungry to fill their sacks with grain not only left with bags of grain, but with their hearts filled with thankfulness to the God of Joseph who cared enough for the World to raise up a Man to Save the lives of many. The name of Yahweh was exalted and was made known to the ends of the World!

“For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Joseph as we all know, is a pattern of Christ Jesus our King, who took the form of a servant and obeyed, even unto death. And so, God has raised him up with such Glory that there is NO OTHER NAME, in heaven or on Earth that is higher than the Name of Jesus!!

The dream that Joseph had, was a beautiful prophetic picture of Christ Himself!! At the NAME of JESUS every knee shall bow!!!

Glory, Praise and Honor to the Lamb that overcame!!

Joseph, search for his brothers, is told they had gone to Dothan Genesis 37:15-17

Blessed Month ahead!!


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  1. Incisive insight, Varna🙏

  2. Thank you Judah Uncle! I must confess I had to look up what ‘Incisive’ meant!! 🙂

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