My Bible, Journal and Coffee:

One of my MOST favorite things to do is journaling. It is nearly impossible for me to travel anywhere without my journal.

I picked up the interest from my school friend Neha, when I was in my 8th grade. We collected a variety of stickers, we wrote about our favorite episodes in X-files🛸🛸, and also wrote down masala stories about our favorite cricket heroes!!! 🏏 🏏

But, what started as a fun thing to spend time on, has completely turned around and today, I can almost say that it is one of the MOST useful things that I do.

I record every scripture that God speaks to me, write down pressing prayer points for my own family or for dear ones, write  new songs,  and record anything that I sense, is from my Father above.

Another interesting thing that I do, is write down questions for which I would want a clear answer or direction from the Lord. And…. have been appalled by the way God gives his answer!! Looking back at some of my old journals, leaves me stunned many-a-times, at the goodness of God!!

I’m pretty sure most of you have experienced answers from Heaven, but I believe ‘journaling’ them down is an excellent habit to pursue – coz over a period of time, you would have learned to discern the voice of God, something that EVERYONE of  us, hunger for!!!

To me personally, it has been an incredible tool by which I learned to discern the voice of God. To be specific, to discern or distinguish between my own random head thoughts and the ‘still small voice’ as noted in 1 Kings 19:12.

I essentially write down anything which I feel is perhaps the Lord. And almost always, when God speaks, he confirms the word by 2 or 3 witnesses.

“By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” 2 Cor 13:1

God talks with everyone who has a sincere heart to please him and has a hunger to hear from HIM.
But many times I have been so confused, unable to discern clearly as to what God is speaking regarding a specific situation. If you have EVER been there, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to start journaling! You will soon learn to tune into the very heart of God.

In the beginning we may have a lot of scratches n’ may have to write on the side, “Not the Lord”, but soon you will echo with John’s words: “It is the Lord.” John 21:7.

John was able to perceive what the other disciples were not able to. The reason I believe, is because John had a desire to lean upon the bosom of Jesus, WHENEVER Jesus was around! It’s  the same thing with Journaling. Every time you sit for your personal time with the Lord, lean closer to the Lord, and write down every little thing that you hear! Over time, you and I will surely be able to perceive Jesus with a bit more clarity, just as John!

The downside of journaling of course is that you get to see some of your own foolishness of years ago 😑- Of how I thought of myself to be Miss Perfect 2007 👑 🤦🏻‍, Of How I set deadlines for God to perform his miracles 📅; and at the smallest hurt of sorts, “Lord, where is your mountain quaking 🌋🌋, Earth shattering Fire and Brimstoneeeee ☄💥💥 ??”

What was I even thinking, I’ve often wondered!!! We faintly, but clearly see the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and marvel….simply marvel!! He picked an old rag like me, and gave worth to even me!!!

In essence, a Journal would remind you of 3 things – God’s Kindness TO you, God’s work IN you, and God’s voice TO you, quite well… Page by Page!!!

” …. all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16

Did you know, God has a journal too?!! It’s your story and mine that’s in there! Cool, ain’t it?? 🙂


Blessed month ahead!


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