Just pick up your guitar n’ get singin’…

David loved the Lord. His worship was pure and was a delight to the heart of God, that God chose him to be the King of His people! All the days that he was a Shepherd, he just picked up his handmade instrument, (which I’m presuming didn’t even strike a perfect chord) and loved God with all of His heart! He probably let his tears flow, as he played on his instrument. Undoubtedly, he had heavens attention!!!

Very often we think that, more the people, more the sophisticated instruments, and more the skillful voice, the presence of God HAS to be there. But, actually many times the contrary is true. It is in the quietest times of prayer, when you hum a familiar hymn in adoration to the Lord, that you and I attract the presence of God.

While it is indeed true that God delights to be present in the congregation of the righteous, your silent times of adoration and worship with your own voice is precious too, in the ears of your Maker!! Your voice may be haggered, it may be pitchless, or it maybe a feeble one! But those tear-filled, broken hearted praises that arise from a sincere heart, is sweet fragrance to our King!

Just you n’ Jesus n’ your guitar….oh what a delight!


“I will lift my voice to sing Your praise, O my Strength— for You came to my defense. O God, You have shown me Your loving mercy.” Psalm 59:17

Blessed day!


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