Merry Christmas… from a different angle!!!

Tis the season of Christmas!!! Needless to say, colorful lights brighten up the season and caroling out in the not-so-cold weather, adds that extra Christmas Cheer!!! A blessed Christmas season to all!!!

One thing that captured my heart or rather touched my heart deeply about Christ, this Christmas season, is the character of God, that saw beyond His own pain and sorrows and ALWAYS sought to bless the life of someone who reached out to Him!!!

It doesn’t feel all that great to be the unloved character in the family or amidst friends. Yet when I think of the life of Jesus, especially as the brutal agony of the cross was getting closer and closer, there were more and more people turning against Him and towards the end, even His closest friends began to curse His name. I often put myself in that situation and try to think how it could have felt!!! To have the entire city stand up against you, and your closest people turn their backs on you, is the worst nightmare for anyone!!!

Yet, as His own heart was being torn apart, His gentle heart reached out to someone who was hurting!!! Be it the healing of Malchus’ ears, or a word of comfort to Mary His mother from the cross, or a word of promise to the thief on the cross….. Jesus was always sensitive to the hearts cries of those around Him!!! And … that character of God touched me deeply!!!

Jesus said “I am the light of the World” John 8:12… and INDEED he was!!! But Jesus also said that “You are the light of the World” Matthew 5:14The question I leave with you this Christmas season is…. “Beyond our own pain and sorrows…. are we being the light in someones life???”

Oh…. we live in times that’s covered in darkness…

And I know that people… are longing to see some light…

So remove every darkness that dwells in my soul…

That I might be the light of the World…. !!!!

Very Happy to come out with my next Song…. ‘Search my Heart’!!! Listen and Enjoy…. and go out and change your World!!!! 

Blessed Christmas Season to all!!!


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