Ticks of God’s Clock

Hi folks,

This is a guest post from my brother in Christ, Giftson Selladurai. Giftson is my dear friend Rosy’s brother. Giftson whom we call Giffy, is young, passionate about God, has just flown to Australia to pursue his higher studies , walks very close with God, and yet so humble and respectful. Giffy is a person whom I hold in high esteem when it comes to the things of God. Hope his post will bless you. Over to Giffy:

Akka this is the post for the blog……thanks for the opportunity to bless people in Jesus name.. 

love and regards to jeev and kid too… 

God bless 


The title of the blog might have caught your attention. You might ponder what’s here in this post… Just spend few minutes to go through and take to heart the few lines that are gonna be penned down here…. May it bless you…

As I’m waiting in HK airport to catch my transit flight, this thought struck me again as a fresh revelation in my spirit.

In this fast moving world, we have our own appointments, priorities, agendas and we keep moving with the chronological order of time. We have a time for everything right from the start of the day. Though we forget our responsibilities at times, we never miss our meals on time… 😀 Well that’s how our lifestyle has been molded up.

We expect lots to happen in our own timings and expectations, but seldom do we sit and give space for God to work, by the “ticks of HIS clock“. It’s an easy thought to read, but it takes a revelation to understand the real working of the TIME in n Gods Kingdom.

When there was a shortage of wine during the marriage feast at Cana as written in John chapter 2, every heart was expecting a miracle for the need to be fulfilled right then. hmm… It surely was a genuine desire or prayer. You and I have lots of genuine prayers before God, but they seem to remain unanswered. The disciples and the servants there had the same puzzle.

But Jesus simply said “My time has not yet come”. Now you may think how irresponsible Jesus could have been. Yeah, that’s how most people there might have thought.

But Jesus was so sensitive to the “ticks of Gods clock”. Even a fraction of second makes a lot of difference in the spiritual realm. Jesus was waiting for the CHIROS time (the appointed time of God). Because, only GOD knows the perfect time to make all things beautiful (Ecc 3:11). And when the time of God comes or when it “ticks in God’s clock”, HE instantly and spontaneously does the miracle. And the Glory goes to God and God alone!!!

Practically speaking it would have been just a few seconds or minutes from verses 3 to 7, but still those seconds matters a lot… coz only then it “ticks in Gods clock”.

My life is a practical and true testimony for this truth. Many Chiros time encounters, where I have been stunned by God’s perfect timing. God is never too early and never too late. JUST ON TIME!!!

Let’s continue to hold on to God and submit our lives and purposes to Gods timing and may we learn to lean on to the “ticks of Gods clock”

Stay blessed!


Have a fantabulous month ahead!!!!


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  1. Giffy says:

    Varna Akka… the intro abt me was way to exaggeration… 😉 haha…

    1. People who honor the Lord, must be honored Giffy!!!! 🙂

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