Spring Joys

Spring Joys!

I can’t fully express the joy of finally seeing those little flower buds on the trees. After months of boringly looking out the window at empty trees and snow clad hills, the flower buds on the tips of branches would make anyone dance like Maria who danced her way to the VonTrapp home for the first time! “I have confidence in Sunshine… I have confidence that spring will come again..”, she sang along the way. 🎶🎶 Boy! I couldn’t agree more, I would have echoed!

Slowly we see our neighbors beginning to pop out, to clear out their garden and bushes, or give their cars a wash, or sip tea on their porch☕.

Jeev was getting ready along the same lines. Over the last couple of Summers, we both have taken a special liking to our yard. Really, I never realized how relaxing working on plants could be! To see those beautiful orange flowers bloom and the roses bud, brings a special kind of joy! Doesn’t it?

One sunny evening, Jeev was outside working. I assumed he was working in the yard. But I couldn’t find him anywhere. We have a little deck to which we can walk out from our kitchen. When I walked out to the deck, I heard some noise from beneath the deck. Surprised, I called to see if it was Jeev. Sure enough, it was him.

I asked him, what he was doing there, n’ He said he was cleaning! Now that’s kinda the place which no one will even know, exists. So I asked the obvious question. “No one will even ‘see’ that place, why do you have to bother about that place, now?” His answer was simple: “Yaen?? Naan paapen” (“Why? I’ll see it.” )

To me, there were other things that I felt was more important than that dingy, old cramped place. But to the Master of the House, that dingy place was FIRST priority.

What is our FIRST priority? The FIRST priority of our Lord is always the Heart, the core of Man’s being. Although no one sees what’s going on in our hearts, the thoughts we think, the attitudes we possess, Jesus said,

“FIRST clean the inside of the Cup and then the outside will also be clean” Matthew 23:26.

Very often we try to fix the external behaviors, but fail to realize that in our walk with Christ, the external is only an overflow of the internal.

So, if we truly want to change, it begins on our KNEES in Humble confession and repentance of our weak areas and leaning upon His Strength to conquer our weaknesses.

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.” Pro 4:23

Happy Spring! 🌱🌸🌼🌴🌷

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