King of the Nations! 👑

Last year, on Sunday morning, 26th July, when I was waiting to hear from the Lord for the day, after praying and pressing in to hear God for about an hour or so, I clearly heard the Lord saying, “SEEK MY FACE.”

Just as I heard those words, the scripture that came to my mind was:

“When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Psalm 27:8

Frankly I was kind of blank in the beginning, because as believers of the Lord Jesus, I’m sure there isn’t a single day that goes by, that we don’t seek Him!!

Anyways, I told Jeev what the Lord spoke during prayer time. That morning, at church, all the songs we sang were specifically about Seeking His face. And the next Saturday, one of the elders in our Tamil Fellowship, William Abraham Uncle shared a brief thought on “Seeking His Face”, during such a time as this. He implored all the families in the fellowship to read a couple of passages regarding ‘Seeking the Face’ of the Lord.

I tried to fast, but I shamefully confess, I couldn’t. But I tried. I read the scriptures. Prayed. I kept pressing in to hear more.

I was actually pretty AMAZED to see the Spirit speak the same thing to a wide range of body of believers, across denominations, and that too around the same time!

After about two weeks, as was routine, one early morning, I got off the bed to kneel. The moment my knees hit the floor, I heard a song in my heart.

இருள் சூழும் காலம் இனிவருதே
அருள் உள்ள நாட்கள் பயன்படுத்தும்
திறவுண்ட வாசல் அடைபடுமுன்
நொறுங்குண்ட மனதாய் முன்செல்வோர் யார்?

Times of Darkness are upon us,
Use the Days of Grace wisely.
Before doors close to the Gospel,
Who will go (carrying the Word of the LORD), with a burden for the lost?

When I heard this song, I felt that it is not going to be long before doors to the gospel will slowly begin closing little by little, worldwide. We are already seeing it here n’ there, but it will get more pronounced, as the days go by!

And these are the days that the Lord is bidding his Church (every single one of us), Small and Great, New and Old, to ‘Seek His Face’ and go forth into the Nations, carrying the Word of the Lord, in the Power and the Might of the Spirit!!

Secondly, I was thinking about ‘Why’ the Lord would share such things to simple, ordinary people like you and me? Is it to scare us? Of course not!! Then, What is the purpose??!!

Here’s why I believe God reveals WHAT IS TO COME, to His Children: To Help us see that the Mighty God who holds the course of the Nations in His Hands, is OUR FATHER and FRIEND who speaks to us in the Secret Place!!! To assure us that with Him on our side, we have Nothing to FEAR!

“…. when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, .. …. He will tell you things to come.” John 16:13

And that’s precisely the reason He is bidding you and me to Seek His Face, in this hour: 1. To strengthen our RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, the King of the Nations and 2. to teach us to be LED OF THE SPIRIT than to be led by our natural senses!

” But when He, the Spirit of truth, has come….. He will guide you into all truth;…” John 16:13

Several years ago, when I was a teenager, one Saturday, our family was out for dinner. On our way back, we had to stop to get some stationary items. It was pretty late in the night… perhaps 11:00 pm or so. Usually if it was in the morning, Dad would stop, n’ I would hop off the car, cross the road and get what I usually needed to.

But that night, the road was dark, guys were standing all over the place, and the place didn’t look great. I still remember that day, vividly!

Just as I hopped off the car to go ahead to the shop, oblivious and completely naive to the darkness around me, Dad stepped out the car as well. He said, “Var, wait.” He held my hand with a firm grasp. And walked me to the shop. And when I was done buying all the stuff, he held my hand again with the same firm grasp as we crossed the road again to our car, on the other side. He waited until I got into the car. And we drove back home safely.

Doubtless, That’s what any Father would do. If that is the care an Earthly Father can give his daughter, How MUCH MORE our Father in Heaven!!

“I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken” Psalm 37:5

Come what may, the Lion of Judah, is holding us and our families!! We rest in that assurance!

Wishing everyone a very Blessed and a Happy New Year!! 🎊🎊🎉🎉💯


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  1. Encouraged by your post, Varna. God bless.

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