Grace at the time of your need!

As we all know, every event that took place in the Old Testament, was just a shadow of  things to come, but the substance was Christ. Colossians 2:17. It is astounding to read the Divine wisdom of God in the Old Testament, coz’ when the true meaning unfolds in the New testament, it makes us stand in awe of our God, who is awesome in Wisdom!

The Manna that God rained down for the people of Israel is one such example. This Manna has been understood in many different ways in the New Testament, but one of the ways that we have not seen before, is Manna as ‘Grace’.

Referring to the Manna when in conversation with the jews, Jesus said that He was the true bread (Manna) that came down from heaven. John 1:14 describes Jesus as ‘full of Grace and Truth’. So when God provided the children of Israel, Manna in the desert, He was essentially teaching His Children to ‘rest upon His Grace for each day’!

The instructions to the Children of Israel were specific. God commanded them to take just enough Manna for their family for each day. They were strictly told not to collect Manna for the next day. Of course there were some folks who wouldn’t heed the voice of Moses and collected extra, only for maggots to eat them up!

What a great lesson hidden for us in the scriptures! Jesus taught us not to worry about our tomorrow’s! Grace cannot be collected for tomorrow. Grace is given for each new day. God knows our needs for every single day and we can trust in His faithfulness, every single time.

Man’s mind is mostly occupied with questions about tomorrow’s and frets thinking about the future. But you and I do not have to be afraid. The invisible hand that is holding us, knows What we need, When we need it and How to provide for it! Fret Not! No matter what it is that you are worried about, our Jesus will give us the Grace at the time of our need!

Just put a song together with my uncle and aunt, which reminds us that we will have Grace at the time of our need!

September 2nd marks a year since my dear friend Anu Evelyn Antony, went home to be with Jesus. She battled Cancer for about 2 years and this day, a year ago she stepped into the courts of the King! Most of us who knew her,  know the courage and the strength with which she handled it, by leaning on God’s grace for every new day.  Just wanted to take this day as an opportunity to speak encouragement into our hearts, as we fondly remember her!

I can almost hear Anu cheering all of us women, from the other side, to cling to His Grace to run our races in boldness, Faith and Courage!
“Fight the good fight of Faith”.

Blessed September!




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