The Presence

We all enjoy the company of loved ones. Parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunt’s n’ uncle’s and friends! We are delighted when they are with us and the joy knows no end. Yet, better still, something that I believe tastes sweeter than honey, is the sweet presence of the Lord, when you bend your knees to pray. The joy and the peace that bubbles within you, when Jesus is by your side, is something else altogether! Once you get a hang of this awesome presence of the Lord, it is very easy to sense the absence of the Lord quite quickly!

It was one such dry morning. I clearly knew that I had done something to grieve the Lord. After a long time in prayee, this is what I heard from the Lord: “Are other things more important than Me on the day that you have set apart to seek My face?”. The scene that happened the previous day flashed across My face.

The previous day I had decided to put away My phone the whole day and spend time just praying n’ meditating on God’s Word. But after a short prayer, I quickly grabbed my phone, turned it on and went on with my days business, as usual. I couldn’t even stick to my own decision that I had made, to seek the Lord with all my heart, even for a single day, ‘without My Phone’!!! I knew exactly what God meant.

This experience taught me many things. 1. God doesn’t take irreverance to any degree. 2. When we seek Him diligently for answers, He always speaks to us. Third n’ the most important lesson was this. 3. Without the presence of God, our life is as dead as dead can be!

DGS uncle sings this beautiful song, “Neer illadha naalellam naal aaguma, neer illadha vaazhvellam vaazhvaaguma?”. (How can it be called a ‘day’ if you my Lord, are not in it, how can it be called a life, if You my Lord, are not in it.”)

Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,” Psalm 114:6,7

Folks we are living in the last days, where a compromising lifestyle is simply not accepted by Heaven. The Church needs to take utmost care to lead it’s flock in a lifestyle that is completely obedient to the voice of God, at all cost. The last days are days that the path to life gets narrower and narrower. Obedience gets more and more difficult. To add to the temptations of our time, needless to say, technology has become a snare to our walk with God and we don’t even realize it!!!

“….let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” Hebrews 12:1

Whatever is your stumbling block. Cast it away. It is not nearly as important as your salvation. We are in the last days and the race is getting tougher n’ tougher by the day. We need to run this race that is marked out for us, with fear and trembling!! Praise God, we have the Spirit of God to show us our sins, when we fall on our face before our God!!

We serve a good God who is there to help us every step of the way to reach the shore, Yes! But He is also a consuming fire, if we take His grace for granted!

“Serve the LORD with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling.” Psalm 2:11

Blessed week ahead!

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  1. Zenobia Antony says:

    Nice to see some activity on your blog after a long time, Var! I’ve been thinking along similar lines to this. It’s important to take at least a day off from social media, especially the phone. I used to switch out to my simple Nokia phone that has only the ability to receive sms texts and calls. No multimedia at all. Not even the radio. It’s like a healthy fasting for the soul! Use the time to be fully present with family and do some soul searching and meditating. A mind cleanse, if you will. I aim for once a month nowadays but would really like to make it once a week. There has to be a point where we are not reliant on technology to keep our minds occupied every minute of the day.
    Keep writing.

    1. Yes absolutely Zen! It is quite a huge distraction!

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