Jeev.. Smarty, I tell you!!!

Jeev is so smart I tell you!!! He just knows perfectly how to redirect people to me, if he is not comfortable to say ‘No’!!! We were newly married…. We had been invited for dinner to a family friends place. That uncle worked together with my Dad-in-law, in the jail department. You know how it is, when a newly married couple is invited home for dinner.  After the dinner, one is barely able to take a few steps to the car!!! This was one such occasion. At the dinner table, the aunty was serving both Jeev and me with utmost care…. Beyond a point we both were super full, but the serving didn’t stop!! And me, being the sweet bride, not wanting to offend the hosting family, nodded gently and took a little more…. But Jeev…. Grrrrr …. Everytime they came with a dosa or poori… he kept saying… “ah thanks aunty… ah she will eat… she will eat” and kept directing all the food to me….!!!  Beyond a point I said… grrr…. N gave him a little nudge… n that nudge became the topic of laughter for everybody that day!!! I didn’t expect anybody would see it…. But since all eyes are usually on the newly married couple… I was caught by all eyes!!! My sis-in-law teases me about that till this day!!! Ha ha…

Another topic which Jeev smartly points to me is spiritual issues. A couple of months ago we met a pastor and his wife in our little town, Saint Louis. They were very excited to meet us, as we were of another nationality, and they loved talking about our country. Slowly their topic of discussion shifted… the pastor asked Jeev about his spiritual standing and what he thought about the christianity of today and stuff…. Jeev nodded his head and didn’t waste a second… ya.. my wife will talk to you about that… and redirected the person to me while pretending to baby-sit Jaden!!! Gosh………. Smarty!!! Smarty, I tell you!!!  I really didn’t know ‘better-half’ had other such responsibilities too!!!

Chennai is a beautiful city. It has a good mix of people just like any other city. The rich, the poor, the good looking, the not-so- great looking, the young and the old, the talented and the not-so talented, the spiritual and the dkdc types(don’t know don’t care), the famous, the lost-in-the-crowd..… this place has all kinds of people. When I walk down the road and see the place crowded with people, I think to myself…. All of this crowd… all of these people have a life… and they have to give an account of their lives to their Maker GOD!!! I don’t really know how many people live their lives with the knowledge that they need to face God one day. And nobody will talk ‘for’ them. We’ve got to face the KING alone. Truly speaking, sometimes…. I just live like it doesn’t matter. BUT the truth is HOW I live my life, every moment, DOES matter!!! My thoughts, my words, my actions, my attitudes, my money,  …. I’m answerable for all of these and more, to a God who reigns from above.  Talk to Jesus today. Set the wrong things right. Time is ticking away…..

“Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.” 1 Peter 1:17

Pic below: Me pretending to nudge Jeev at the request of Aartika n’ Jeev pretending to hit me!!! 🙂 Photographer: Aartika.  Location: Top Slip, Coimbatore.


About Varna Jeevagarajan

Hi there, I'm Varna Jeevagarajan. Originally from Chennai, but currently living in Saint Louis, US. Have been married to Tagore Jeevagarajan and blessed with two precious kids!!! Well, to say a little about myself.... I adore Jesus. And I enjoy writing! Put both together, and you get a blog that talks about my experiences with the Lord Jesus. I enjoy music and singing as well. And God has been gracious and enabled me to come out with an album called 'kanden'. I truly believe that every talent, small or great, ought to be used for magnifying and exalting His name and drawing the ends of the Earth to His throne!!! My blog and my musical talents are my little contributions!!! Hope that my music and my blog will bring Joy and Hope to your heart and bless your soul!!! Thanks for visiting, Varna Jeevagarajan
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7 Responses to Jeev.. Smarty, I tell you!!!

  1. vidyavivek says:

    Varrrrr…nice post ….you’ve been absent on abd off….pen more often
    Hows Jaden? Are you in Chennai now. ..

    • Vidya, we are doing great by God’s goodness. N’ yes Vid, Jaden n I are in Chennai rite now and quite busy coz we are travelling a lot. 🙂 Once I get back to US, (next month) I’ll be jobless again…. n I’ll pen more often I suppose!!! 🙂

  2. Anu says:

    nice one Varr.. quite a talent you’ve got Varnie gal…. btw, love the pic…

  3. Silviya says:

    Varna.. Really funny.. I couldn’t stop myself laughing..

  4. Aarthi Inbarajan says:

    HEY!!!! I AM included in this!!!! i remember taking this picture!!! wow!!! a while ago varna!! i guess you are getting ready to come back home!!!!

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