Jaden turns 3!!!!

A couple of months ago, Jeev n I were shopping at Target. As usual, we pulled up a cart and put Jaden inside the cart and shopped, while Jaden boringly looked on. After an hour or so, fellow got so bored that he wanted to get out of the cart. So we picked him up and let him down. Boys…. and their fascination for wheels!!! 🙂 Jaden was so fascinated by the wheels of the cart, so we let him play with it. By now we were at the counter ready to bill our stuff. Jeev was standing with Jaden and I was standing a couple of yards away. Just as I looked on, Jaden yelled in pain. He put his fingers in between the wheel and pushed the cart to see how it worked. His little finger got caught between the hinges and his finger turned blue.

He cried for a while desperately showing his little finger to the two of us. He wanted us to make the pain go! He tried putting his finger into my mouth to see if the pain would go. I kissed his finger, rubbed it gently and kept telling him that it will be okay soon. He would’nt understand that. We couldn’t help his little finger, neither could we make the pain go. And Jeev said, “He thinks that you and I can solve all his problems.” Well, I don’t exactly know what Jaden thought, but If Jeev n I could solve all of Jadens problems….and heal every pain of his, we most certainly would do!!!

Flesh and blood and full of evil that we are, our hearts beat for our Children. HOW MUCH MORE, THE HEART OF GOD!!!!

“In all their distress, He too was distressed…” Isaiah 63:9

Our God is the only God whose heart weeps for His own. I can affirm that there is NO other god whose heart wept for His Children, when they wept. The LORD God weeps when you weep and better still, Has the power to bring you OUT of the days of mourning and make you step into days of overflowing joy. ONLY Jesus can do that, for His heart beats for your tears and mine.

Our God has a History of turning trials into triumphs, sorrows into joy and tears into laughter!!! The Heart of the Father will never leave the Child in Pain forever. Don’t give up fighting the good fight of Faith. The greater the trials, the greater the destinies…. so keep praying without giving up and keep loving God. God has GREAT things stored up, JUST for YOU!!!

Jaden turns 3 today:

For all that he is and for all that he is yet to be, we love him.

For all that he does and for all that he is yet to do, we love him.

The little hands that hold firmly to our clothes,

The little eyes that look at us desperately in fear, at times,

The little feet that are no more little,

For all that God has created him to be….

We love him just as he is!!!!


And just Remember….. GOD’s love for YOU is way more than words can handle. Be lost in the Fathers love n’ Have a fantastic week ahead!!!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. John Jayaseelan says:

    Happy Birthday Jaden… 🙂 Convey our wishes to Jaden.. 🙂

    1. Sure bro, will do!!! Love to Jo mama, Suvila athai, n Aiden kutty thambi, from Jaden. 🙂

  2. Anu says:

    He cries when we cry…. such a loving God he is…….

    1. True Anu… We can never come to the ‘end’ of God’s love…. coz there is NO end to His love for us!!!!

  3. joshua chelliah says:

    God bless you Jaden. Hope your finger has healed??/ Love you.

    1. Yes, Chithappa thatha. Jesus has healed my blue finger. 🙂

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