“Neeya Naana” debate.

I love debates. I have always loved to watch them. Be it the Presidential debate in the US or NDTV’s “We the people”, Sun T.V’s “Solomon Paapaiyaa’s pattimandram” which is on the lighter side, or Vijay T.V’s “Neeya Naana.” It is one thing which quickly captures my attention. 🙂

Last week I was watching Vijay T.V’s “Neeya Naana”, online. The topic was: “Stress in today’s world. Who are more stressed out? Men or Women”. I usually love to watch the debate till the end. But this one I cut it off in 20 minutes. The debate moderator got me mad.

The question thrown to the men’s section was, “What makes you more stressful and why?” Many men gave their responses. And it came to one particular man who began to share his heart out. He said he was working in a Private concern for the last 20 years as a Senior Operations Officer. Due to some issues in his workplace, because he stood up for TRUTH, he was fired. And now he has been hunting for a job for the last couple of years and unable to find a job. Long story short, he was so agonised with his life that he wanted to commit suicide. And now he was working as a car-driver for a meager amount of salary. And can you guess what the debate moderator says in response to this? “Sometimes when life throws us such challenges, we must accept it and learn to live on.”

I was furious to hear such a ‘philosophical’ response to a man who was pouring his heart ache in front of the camera and possibly before millions of people. Sadly, there are way too many people with such kind of a philosophy: “Accept it as your fate…. and move on.”

I have heard people say, “Well, If that’s my fate, I must just learn to live with it.” I strongly disagree. Fate? Says Who? The people of the World say that because for them they see no HOPE beyond the problem and therefore become a ‘victim of the situation’ and choose to live with it. But you and I are not Children of the World… we are CHILDREN OF THE ONE WHO ‘MADE’ THE WORLD!!!

The World does not give us HOPE. Jesus gives Hope. Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary 2000 years ago to bring Hope and Healing to your situation and mine. The blood of Jesus was not shed in Vain. It was shed for you, to turn your sorrows into Joy! There is NO condition/problem/situation/sickness that is beyond GOD ALMIGHTY. The World may counsel you to “ACCEPT YOUR FATE AND MOVE ON”. But HEAR WHAT GOD says:

“He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.” Psalm 91:15

You will not only receive answer to your prayers and deliverance from your troubles…. but you will also be honored by the society, you live in.

Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor.” Isaiah 61:7

THAT’S THE GOD I SERVE. God never counsels you to be a ‘victim’ of the circumstance but assures us that we can be a ‘victor’ through Him who died on the Cross for us. Jesus is near to ANYBODY who will just call to Him, to deliver and honor him. If you are going through tough times in life and facing heart-aches, believe me, when I say this…. GOD IS ABLE TO DO FOR YOU SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU YOURSELF WANT!!!! Just believe Him.

“Deliverance is a SURE thing to the man who will not quit getting on his knees.”


Blessed December to ALL!!!

About Varna Jeevagarajan

Hi there, I'm Varna Jeevagarajan. Originally from Chennai, but currently living in Saint Louis, US. Have been married to Tagore Jeevagarajan and blessed with two precious kids!!! Well, to say a little about myself.... I adore Jesus. And I enjoy writing! Put both together, and you get a blog that talks about my experiences with the Lord Jesus. I enjoy music and singing as well. And God has been gracious and enabled me to come out with an album called 'kanden'. I truly believe that every talent, small or great, ought to be used for magnifying and exalting His name and drawing the ends of the Earth to His throne!!! My blog and my musical talents are my little contributions!!! Hope that my music and my blog will bring Joy and Hope to your heart and bless your soul!!! Thanks for visiting, Varna Jeevagarajan
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4 Responses to “Neeya Naana” debate.

  1. Giftson says:

    Preach it akka!!! good..

  2. Sherrill says:

    Absolutely true… there is always hope with Jesus for happiness in our lives.. 🙂 nd I like that u got furious to that response from the moderator.. 😀 ha ha ha

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