Tears in a bottle

April 1st. Widely celebrated as the Fool’s day. I had a friend at school who was very dear to me. At that age, they mean the world to us. We studied together from class five. Fifth, Sixth and Seventh, we were ‘best friends’. And in class 8, we had a silly fight and she spoke to me no more. I call it silly, coz till today I don’t know the reason of the fight! All that I remember, was that it had something to do with Anil Kumble! You can imagine how silly it must have been. 😀

Well, our friendship came to an abrupt standstill in class 8. And my heart was grieving to become friends with her again. I tried talking to her many times, but she would just turn her face and walk away. As a thirteen year old, this left a deep scar in me. On an april 1st, which was celebrated in schools as fool’s day, she left a card on my desk. I recognized the handwriting on the card cover and with great joy I opened, thinking that it was some kind of a patch up card. I was heart broken to read… “HeyVarna, Happy fool’s day”. I kept that card for a long time, because I loved her, and longed for her friendship… and whenever I thought about her, I would pull out the card, weep for the lost friendship and carry on with my work.

The other day a good friend of mine inSaint Louis, was sharing her story about how her husband was treated real bad, by his own mother and sister whom he dearly loved, after he lost his job. I can almost imagine how it would have broken him to pieces. To have the arms that embraced him as a baby, reject him for worldly reasons.

It forced me to think how undependable earthly relationships are. Everyday we are hurt by people whom we love dearly. Sometimes it feels like our tears are in vain. Sometimes it feels like our tears cause anger rather than compassion. And those are moments that cannot be expressed with words. Oh how undependable earthly relationships are!!!

She went on to say that they had to manage many things with her one small salary. At that time all that they could do was cry out to God. During their family prayer time, they prayed and sought Jesus, in their desperate situation. And she said, “Varna, you won’t believe it. It was as though God opened the storehouses of heaven.”

Oh His love is eternal. Jesus is never angered by your pain. Nor are your tears forgotten. Every tear that you shed in agony of heart, is in the hands of Jesus. Every prayer is heard, and every heart ache is noted in heaven. His Compassions they fail not! They fail not………Surely they fail not!!!

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

Remember, Jesus cares and Have a fabulous day!

About Varna Jeevagarajan

Hi there, I'm Varna Jeevagarajan. Originally from Chennai, but currently living in Saint Louis, US. Have been married to Tagore Jeevagarajan and blessed with two precious kids!!! Well, to say a little about myself.... I adore Jesus. And I enjoy writing! Put both together, and you get a blog that talks about my experiences with the Lord Jesus. I enjoy music and singing as well. And God has been gracious and enabled me to come out with an album called 'kanden'. I truly believe that every talent, small or great, ought to be used for magnifying and exalting His name and drawing the ends of the Earth to His throne!!! My blog and my musical talents are my little contributions!!! Hope that my music and my blog will bring Joy and Hope to your heart and bless your soul!!! Thanks for visiting, Varna Jeevagarajan
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